I could cry.. Please help me, please

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  1. I dont know where to start but I am wanting this bag so bad and dont even know where to start looking. I own lots of bags but none of them compare to my love for this bag.
    It is called the Tressje Magnolia in cream. There is TPF member on here that has one and its her avatar pic as well. I did email her to see if she can help and am waiting but need all my TPF girls to PLEASE HELP ME.
    I NEVER and I mean NEVER have wanted a bag this bad before... it was love at first sight. :faint:
    I will borow her pic and post it here if I know /learn how to do this.
    Thanks so much, I need you all!!!
  2. it's a great looking back...sorry for the double post....the other wasn't posted when i was replying.
  3. I *think* the color may be champagne----i saw that a lot when i was looking, but the pics wouldn't post.

    I have never heard of that brand. They have really nice looking bags at Treesje.com

  4. Do you/you all think that the Black Patent would be pretty in this? Do you think the ruffles (main issue) would show up good/on it?
  5. I love patent...but if you already have a black patent, I wouldn't. Have you tried calling any stores? They may ship to you.
  6. I dont care for the patent at all, I like the creme better. its looks buttery soft.

  7. I really dont know what store to call, I know nothing about Tressje. If you know any please let me know:smile:

  8. I know, I love the creme best as well but I really dont think I will be able to find that one. If I have to settle with the Black patent just to own one then I guess I will have to...lol!!! I went in circles:faint:
  9. I was in Saks this weekend and noticed a small Tressje section. Maybe you could go in store and see if they can find the bag for you.