I COULD CRY!! :( I have called every coach, even main #ALL I WANT IS COACH PUNCH TOTE

  1. I am so sad :sad: i have called every single coach that might possibly have one, from CA, TO NJ, and the main coach # and they are 10000000000% all gone :sad:

    i am devistated :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    its like the only coach bag i have been dying for and i cant get it
    :heart: is broken! :sad:
  2. eBay, but use authenticate this thread before you bid
  3. if you want it that much, just go to macy's or something. i've always seen plenty at department stores.
  4. really, it's still out there. and if you want it that much, its worth paying full retail for it! :yes:
  5. O My God U Guys Are Amazing!!!!
  6. if you want it from macy's better buy quick!!! they had them and sold out quickly and it looks like they just restocked!
  7. the macy's in my area had 3 today
  8. WOW i cant believe they are back on coach i just called they said none anywhere... weird,,,
  9. ugh now im feeling like its too $$ for what it is
    HELP! dont know what to do :sad:
  10. i always forget that macy's has stuff
  11. i am so torn i think its cute and need a bag i could use in the rain (all my bags are leather)

    but i dunno if thats too much $ i mean it isnt really taht bad but ugh! grrrr!
  12. get it NOW, rationalize it later.
  13. ^^^ditto. my sa says returns are always an option but to get rare items quick!