I converted my mom!

  1. She's always thought Coach was ridiculous (well, all designers, really) but she really likes my new red Hamptons tote. Anyway, she said if we could find one in black or brown, that she'd use often, that she would like something like that.
    I told my dad and he said to see what I could find! Their anniversary is January 28, and I'm going to the outlets Jan. 20th in Jacksonville. He said to see what I could find for around $200 or so, and he'd give it to her for their anniversary. I really hope I can find something similar there! It's cutting it close, if I don't find something.
  2. that's so great! i hope you find something!

    i don't think my mom will EVER convert. though, i'm taking baby steps with her- i got her to admit my red hobo was cute!
  3. Baby steps with my mom, too. I can't imagine her ever buying something for herself, but when I showed her mine, she had to admit that the quality was much better than she had thought, and she liked it a lot more than she expected, too.
  4. That's great! I would love it if I could convert my mom. She's an LV lady and she just got a gorgeous Chanel bag . . . she's just not a Coach gal. She does admire a lot of my bags though!
  5. That's great! I want to convert my mom, but no luck yet. She thinks my bags are cute, but that they are too expensive.
  6. I converted my Mom too! :graucho:
  7. lovely.
  8. I converted my mom by getting her a bag for Mothers day. Before then she thought they were way to expensive, but she is also convinced now that they are worth the $. She bought another bag for Winter with my PCE and yesterday she bought her 3RD bag at the outlet, she EVEN bought my sister a bag!!! Its so nice to have someone in the family I can share my obsession with :cutesy:
  9. Congrats on converting your mom!!!!!!!!!

    I am still working on converting my mom. She has taken some baby steps, she will carry my old ones, but she still thinks I am crazy for spending so much on Coach. I find it funny that she always wants to be with me when I want to buy a new bag, because she knows she will get to carry it in a few months!!!!
  10. Congrats! My mom converted herself, she came home with a coach bag one day and I thought it was for me. It was all hers. She now has 6 bags with matching wallets. I love it.
  11. Congrats! I got my mom into Dooney & Bourke. Of course she can't justify spending her money on it...it's only worth it if I buy it for her. LOL! She likes a few Coach mostly the patchwork denim tote..but thought it was way overpriced.
  12. i wonder if i gave my mom a leather bag, if she would use it. since i'm still at home, i have to see the monstrosity of a "purse" she carries around...it would be public service, really...
  13. I hope you do find that particular bag. That would be awesome and she'd love it!
  14. Update: I just bought this for her! :heart:

    My dad is going to give it to her for their anniversary on the 28th. It'll be her first Coach. :love:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It's the same one as my red one. Retail at outlets is $303 at the moment and we did BIN for $229!
  15. I just converted my mom too :smile: Last night I bought her a Hamptons Pebbled Leather Hobo for her birthday. :smile: