I confused a couple of SA's today

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  1. Today was the first time I was in a boutique, very nice. I got a catalog and flipped to the end where the new Legacy lip gloss keyfob is, and wanted to know when it would be in the store (I want to know what the colors look like).

    Anyway, I played dumb about it since it's not on the website yet. The one SA told me it was a keyfob and thought it was one of the ones out now, she went to the counter and realized it wasn't the same. So she called a couple of other SA's over to take a look. No one knew what it was. That is until I mentioned, "Oh I heard from someone it's a lip gloss." One of them must have realized something and showed me the lookbook with it in there. When the others saw it one said to me, "Look at that, she knew about it before us." I just started laughing.

    I didn't order it, but wasn't told when it was coming in. Maybe later this week since someone here said some new things were coming then. Anyone know for sure when it'll be hitting the stores?
  2. when I was in the boutique last night I asked about the new legacy perfume and was told it was supposed to be out in a few weeks...I wonder if your lip gloss keychain will be coming out at the same time so they can be displayed together?
  3. It is a lipgloss not a perfume and should be coming out in a couple of weeks. I think some stores will have it next week. You can order it now if you like. It is $58 and the style # is B016.
  4. don't you just love it when you know something that others don't?? :P

  5. Lol...that happens a lot! tPF is quite a tool to have!!! We usually know about things before the SA's!
  6. I get so amused when this happens. :P
  7. That's so funny. I love it when we should be in the SA's shoes instead:P:yes::tup:
  8. Unfortunately alot of the SA's have no clue.
  9. Lol
  10. Its so funny when that happens. That same thing happened when I was in the boutique a week ago. I knew more than the SA's, even the manager. They offered me a job but I live too far and have little ones. Maybe in a few years. My SA at Macys loves me because I give her all the info I get from all you great ladies here. She really appreciates it and so do I. Thanks to all you awesome ladies here at TPF.