I Complimented A Girl On Her Fake!

  1. OMG! :p

    Yesterday, I was in a seminar and the room was dark. I looked over and saw a girl putting something in her purse. I recently purchased a Ergo Signature Tote and I thought that she had one.

    I went over to her (because I kept staring at her purse).

    Me: Hi. I am Michelle. I am stopping by because I have been secretly coveting your handbag.
    Her: Hi. I am ::: insert name here :::
    Me: Your bag is really cute. Is it the Carly?
    Her (whispering): Well. Actually, my friend holds a purse party. I got it from there.
    Me (embarassed beyond belief): Oh. OK. Well, it sure is cute.
    Her: I really like it alot.

    When I took a closer look, it was an interesting blend of bags...It had the Carly straps and hardware (the rings and dog leashes), but it was more of a tote :shrugs: .

    OMG! I was mortified! I felt bad because I called her out about her fake bag. She doesn't know me and she knows nothing about me. To her credit, she could have lied and said that it was real. She owed me nothing.

    I am also a little worried because I don't have a poker face. I am sure that my face was twisted (part confusion/part embarrassment). I am all about making people comfortable. I don't want her to think that I was being judgmental or snobbish. If she wants to do the fake bag, then that is all on her.

    The funny thing is that the phrase "purse party" makes it a lot more acceptable than saying that it was purchased out of a trunk in an alley in "the Valley" (10 cool points if you know where that came from ;) ). I suspect that there are a lot of women that are more likely to purchas a fake bag in those types of settings.

    Well, I did buy a pair of signature flats today. :yahoo:
  2. Well, at least she's totally honest about that. ;)
  3. ^^^Very true. She could have just outright lied about it. Don't feel bad!
  4. wow...what honesty :wtf:
  5. Wow.
  6. Well, she was honest. You have to give her credit for that. Some people would try to pass it off to be real......
    I'm one of those who also believes that what another person does/buys is their own business...they aren't taking money from me to buy it...so it doesn't bother me.
  7. [The funny thing is that the phrase "purse party" makes it a lot more acceptable than saying that it was purchased out of a trunk in an alley in "the Valley" (10 cool points if you know where that came from ;) ). :yahoo:[/quote]

  8. Aniron.ak, that was a funny episode!

    And yeah, as everyone else said, at least she was honest.
  9. Don't worry too much about it. It was dark, she could have lied, and if you feel awkward you never have to talk to her again!

    Which episode of Sex and the City is that, I want to see it.
  10. ^^^^ It was the 2nd episode when Carrie and the girls are in LA - Samantha buys a fake Fendi! It's also the episode where Carrie hooks up with Vince Vaughn, who passes himself off as an important person, but in reality is just Carrie Fisher's assistant (and she comes home and busts them having sex in her house). It's a great episode!

    And to the original poster - It certainly doens't sound like you did anything that would embarrass her, and like others have said, at least she was honest!
  11. I agree with everyone... at least she was honest.

    You have nothing to be embarrassed about...

    Congrats on your flats! :yes:
  12. wow o.o
  13. haha ok....
  14. I work at a department store in the mall and I see tons of ladies and girls carrying Chanel totes, Coach everything and a couple Louis Vuittons. Occasionally I say "Oh your purse is cute where did you get it?" They usually reply with "Oh I know a lady that holds purse parties..."
    I'm like "Ehhhh... I see."

    The local tanning salon even sells them in their store. It's crazy.

    Well this is my first post yay!

    -Amber Nicole
  15. Okay then...is it OKAY to carry a fake (ANYTHING)???
    I know this is not the Chanel forum, but...I am wondering because I received this VERY BEAUTIFUL (IMO) faux Chanel bag, but I am scared to carry it because I don't want people think "OMG, that is SO FAKE!". It is extremely soft and pretty (the black & white quilted "Cambon" style). To me, it looks like to only difference is that the "CC" is not wrapped on the side as much as the real on and it has black interior instead of hot pink.
    Opinions, please?!!? Should I carry it or get rid of it???
    Oh, here's a pic of it...