i completely understand why britney shaved her head....(long and frantic)

  1. if it wasn't for the fact that the job i'm applying for at the end of the summer requires professional looking hair, i would do the exact same thing....not that what i'm sporting right now qualifies in ANY way as professional looking. :crybaby:

    i had faded salon color. about a month ago i attempted to blend the roots and the ends with something that matched the fading. that turned out ok but the roots were a little brassy. my hair grows fast and tonight i noticed that my hair was now three colors. i've used natural instincts non-permanent hair color before to blend all my hair back to my natural color when it's in this condition. i bought a box of neutral (emphasis on neutral....my hair amplifies any undertones to the nth degree) dark brown hair color, left it on for the prescribed amount of time, rinsed and blow dried expecting the results i've always gotten before....instead what i have is red roots and black ends. i've washed my hair at least 15 times with dish soap and another 10 or so with anti-brass blue conditioner....is there anything else i can do? i can't really afford to go to a salon (hence all the box coloring) but is that the only option at this point even though i used demi-permanent color?
  2. God, you poor thing; it sounds like a nightmare!

    But, I have shaved my head twice in my life and it IS very liberating.... ;)
  3. Oh im so sorry to hear that! I really dont know much about hair color and so cant help you out. I know it must be very frustrating and upsetting, but sit tight im sure someone here will be able to help you out. :smile:
  4. you could try to find a beauty school.... then you could get it "professionally" done for a lot cheaper than a regular salon. they should be able to fix it for you... or if the ends are darker than the roots maybe get another box of the dark and only apply it to the roots
  5. i personally wouldn't shave it, but what if you cut it off into a cute little pixie cut? that would still look professional for the job you're applying to. it would also get off all of the different colors.
  6. u definitely need to go to a salon and let them fix your hair, good luck!
  7. Wow you washed your hair with dish soap?? What if you just dye the whole head a dark color? Maybe you need more than one box of color and that's why it isn't covering.
  8. I would go to a salon and let them work their magic. Go to someplace reputable and they'll do corrective coloring. It'll cause you some but, it's worth it!! Good luck!!