I clip my purse to the buggy

  1. Hey I just wanted to pass along a tip. When I am at Target or the grocery store. Anywhere with a buggy. I usually have my purse sitting on the seat part and I use a clip to clip it to the buggy. I feel a million times more relaxed about looking at things and not having someone just snatch up my purse as they walk by.

    I don't know what those clips are called. I think they were originally used for hiking and now they are everywhere.
  2. do you mean the kiddy safety harness that's on the shopping carts?
  3. I think she means she uses those things people use to clip keys on
  4. Oh, like a caribiner clip? Used for mountain climbing? Great idea! :tup:
  5. ah.. I get it now.. :shame:
    that's a great idea:tup:
  6. Such a great idea. I am going to get one of those clips. That will definetly help me to feel more secure about my bag and the shopping cart!!
  7. You mean these?


    Great idea! I never really thought about it and either just left my purse there checking back every 3 seconds or on me.
  8. I use the baby harness to attach my purse to the buggy.
  9. I do the same thing!!