~I cleaned my petit bucket yesterday, here are my results with the magic eraser!!**

Apr 16, 2007
Canada EH! ;)
Hello all,
Yesterday I received my *new to me* mono petit bucket 23.
From the pictures posted in the auction on eBay I could tell the bag had some semi hefty water spots on the bottom edge, and on the handles.
So, yesterday I sat on my deck for about a hour and scrubbed my little bucket!

I will post some before and after shots, as well as the method I used to clean her.
All materials I used are as follows:
1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
2. Scissors (no to clean!! lol)
3. A small bowl filled with water
4. ALDO Leather Enhancer
5. Paper Towel
6. Brass cleaning clothe/buffer

So get your tools ready ladies!;)

Here are some before shots of my petit bucket:
* Please note that some of the before shots are taken indoors, and are a bit darker than the "After" photo's.

Full View:

Part of Bottom edge:


Bottom of Handle:

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Apr 16, 2007
Canada EH! ;)
So, as for the method:

1. I detatched the handles from the bucket so I could lay them out in order to properly clean them.

2. I used the scissors to cut the Mr. Clean Magic eraser into small cubes in order to make them more manageable and to get more use out of them!

3. I started with a Magic Eraser Cube and dunked it in water, then wrung it out a bit onto the paper towel so that it was not dripping wet.

4. I then took the cube and used even strokes back and forth over the handles. I used the same method for the bottom edge of the bucket. Please note that I did one side of the bucket at a time in respect to the edges and handles.

5. I waited for the vachetta to dry, (about 10-15 minutes?) and then examined where I had applied the Magic Eraser, and determined if the area needed to be "erased" again.

6. Once the area looked cleaner, I started with the other side of the bucket.

7. After the vachetta had dried again, I used the paper towel to blot any wet areas on the canvas, and dipped an edge into the water to remove the dried white eraser form the canvas.

8. I then used an old pair of undies (lol) and dobbed some ALDO leather enhancer onto them, and wiped the vachetta in order to restore moisture.

9. I also wiped the canvas with the Leather Enhancer to clean the canvas and restore moisture.

**The magic eraser tends to dry out the vachetta, so please use a leather conditioner to restore the moisture.
**I did NOT do this in direct sunlight. I sat in a shaded area on my deck, and the bag was only in the sunlight when I took the "After" photo's.
Apr 16, 2007
Canada EH! ;)
So here are my "After" shots:yahoo:
Remember these are taken in direct sunlight, and it was a gorgeous afternoon here in Nova Scotia lol finally!!

Here is a photo for reference of the cleaning supplies I used:

AND the dirty little cubes of the Magic Eraser.
** I still have one whole Magic Eraser and a half left for future use!! You should consider cutting them up as I did to get more use out of them, even though they aren't pricey by any means:P

As for my After photo's:



Bottom Edge:

** I have a few more, but I will have to post later or tomorrow morning!! I have to go out now:Push: I ran out of time for now!!
I will post a conclusion as well..!!


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
Looks great ! I'm just going to pop this over into the FAQ section so everyone can see what magic eraser can do for vachetta ;)


Feb 10, 2007
OMG, I think you did an amazing job but I will be honest, I am appalled at the water damage! Do all LVs are that susceptible to it? I am seriously considering selling all of mine after seeing this.
Apr 23, 2007
Wow, your bucket is gorgeous now!!!! You did a fabulous job. Have you used Apple conditioner before and if so, how does ALDO compare?
Apr 16, 2007
Canada EH! ;)
Wow, your bucket is gorgeous now!!!! You did a fabulous job. Have you used Apple conditioner before and if so, how does ALDO compare?
I actually have not used the Apple conditioner. I live in Canada, and i'm not even sure if it is available here? I also havn't really looked!! But I hear great things about it, I may have to do a search!
I only used the ALDO conditioner on this bag, and all of my bags.
Apr 16, 2007
Canada EH! ;)
I would also like to say a big Thank you!! to all who commented on my cleaning job:flowers:
If anyone has any questions I would love to answer them! I am also very pleased with the results, it did make quite a difference!