I chopped it all off...

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  1. sooo yes, i decided to get a hair cut. I initially thought it would be a trim, but it ended up being a trim on steroids... :wtf:

    im still having mixed feelings about it, seeing as I have always had long hair. but good news! i did donate 11 inches to the Locks of Love Foundation ;]

    before pic is from oct 2007..so imagine my hair like 5 inches longer and afters (excuse my face).... tell me what you think.





  2. looks good! :smile: I think it looks better shorter.
  3. I LOVE it!!!! It looks great! I actually like it better shorter! You are so pretty girl! Work that short hair!
  4. haha thanks =]

    now i need to learn to do my hair.. since its short and more manageable.
  5. Wow! You look great with your new haircut! I think that shorter style really flatters your face! :smile:
  6. that cut is very nice, i think it compliments your face better than your long hair :tup:
  7. Its a good look! You also have nice skin!
  8. Excuse your face for what, being so beautiful??

    I love the new haircut! Very modern and looks great on you!!!
  9. Looks fabulous! Now you'll get a nice "swing"...very sexy! I love the idea that you donated your hair.
  10. Gorgeous style on you! Locks of Love is a worthy cause....
  11. Wow !! You look fabulous. Love the short hair love it!
  12. Wow it looks fabulous!!! It's not too "short" either!
  13. :yes:omg i love your haircut...the long hair kinda hides your face & a pretty face like that shouldn't be hidden LoL. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Love your new haircut! It gives you a fresh and modern look. Once you get used to the cut, you are going to love it. Not to mention it opens up alot of makeup possibilities too for your beautiful face.
  15. I love it! I wish I had the guts to cut mine. BTW, you are so pretty!