I chickened out!

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  1. I stopped by a Coach boutique in DC (Georgetown) a few weeks ago. I haven't bought any Coach since I bought a red and gold heart print wristlet on Valentine's Day. (Before that purchase, it's been several years.)

    I saw Bleeckers and Prestons in powder blue and "sea mist" that I totally loved. I came so close to picking up a mini-Preston in "sea mist" ....and I totally chickened out.

    Why? I had a pink leather Coach bag that got a big pen mark one day (at work). Ever since then, I've just carried brown and black bags since then. I'm terrified of pen marks and dye transfer (from my jeans).

    Have any of you bought powder blue and "sea mist" bags? How do you deal with ink and dye issues without having a freak out?
  2. I have quite a few colors and have never had issues with ink or issues with color transfer. It hasn't really ever occurred to me, but I guess that is because it has never happened. I would try not to let one experience get to you, and give it another chance :smile:
  3. I never let a pen come anywhere near my bags. I don't carry pens unless they are in a pencil case. If I'm going to write something, I put my purse far enough away that I can't accidentally hit it with the pen. I don't carry really light colored bags but I have plenty of bright and pastel colored bags and I don't have a problem with them. On the lighter ones, if they are leather, I'll use a leather conditioner before I carry them the first few times to see if there will be a color transfer problem. If there is, the conditioner will prevent it from getting on the leather. On other bags, I'll use something like Scotchguard or Shining Monkey.

  4. This is what I do. I had a lovely purse ruined years ago by a pen leaking inside it, now I never carry a pen in my bag. I have lots of light colored leather bags and have had no issues since that one bag. I also use Apple products to help protect my bags.
  5. I am always super careful with all my Coach bags but last time I went to the beauty salon I let my paranoia of my bag being stolen super-cede my paranoia of it getting stained and carried my navy/chambray Willis tightly in my lap whilst I was getting my hair dyed. When I got home I noticed a mark on the side from the hair dye. After screaming and crying a little, I grabbed a cloth and some nail polish remover. This has helped in getting ink off of clothes before so I thought I would try it out. I got most of it off but at some point it started taking the purse color off too so I stopped before I made it worse. There is just a slight shadow of the hair dye now. I don't know what I'll do next time I go get my hair done. Maybe I won't take a purse at all, too dangerous!

    ETA: I bought a cornflower bleeker daily bag a couple of weeks ago so as you can see the hair dye experience didn't deter me from buying a bag in this gorgeous color. I say if you love it, buy it! Conquer your fears!
  6. I love so many colors and I don't want to allow fear of whatever to deter me from using them. That said, I'm willing to work a little harder to ensure they stay nice.

    I also don't carry pens. I have never had an accident but my husband has had ink from pens ruin his shirt(s). (Yes, shirts. Who would let that happen more than once??) And I've read too many horror stories with pens here, and also have seen lovely bag linings dotted with ink stains on pre-loved shopping websites, so no, I'm not carrying any pens in my bag!

    It's a good idea, the poster who talked about conditioning her leather bag before wearing it. I also condition them regularly so if there is any soiling I'll take care of it right away.

    Finally, if something happens, what are you gonna do? I love the colors - both light and dark - I have and use them without too much anxiety!
  7. I have a Sea Mist bag coming and I can't wait to get my paws on it. I love that color so much and I am not gonna let 'what ifs' deter me from it. Lol.