I checked out the new stuff IRL...WOW!!

  1. Oh boy oh boy oh boy...I went to Bellevue Square today and about needed to mop their floor with all my drooling :drool:.

    I tried on a ton...my favorites:

    Miranda in either black or bordeaux:

    Leigh in chocolate (or BLACK LEATHER...tdf!)

    Another legacy beauty:


    :girlsigh: what's a girl to do...I want them all!! :yahoo:
  2. I just checked out the first bag during my lunch break. I can't decide if I need it or not, sure was gorgeous.
  3. I want a Leigh in the worst way!! My store doesn't carry that bag...which is probably a good thing!!!
  4. Love the Leigh in chocolate!
  5. I love that leigh! The angled pockets and the turnlocks are amazing!
  6. Love the Leigh! On the website they show it in blue suede-TDF!
  7. The small slate Leigh embossed suede. It arrived a few weeks ago but I'm reeeeeeally trying to hold off until fall... It's a looker for sure. :heart:
    suede1.jpg suede2.jpg suede3.jpg suede4.jpg suede5.jpg

  8. Oh.. wow. That bag is just AMAZING! Too bad I can't afford hardly anything right now! :cursing:
  9. ahhh I went to check out the new floor set today. Everything is beautiful. Unfortunately I was in a rush and could only scan the store. Im going to go back and really study everything! =D

    And, my boyfriend decided to be generous today and bought me this. These are still not in store yet, so we had to order it. I'll post pics once I get it! =D

  10. ^^ oh what a sweet BF!! I love it.
  11. i love all of them!
  12. Leigh in chocolate (or BLACK LEATHER...tdf!)
  13. Love that keychain:love: like a combination of CC Skye and Coach. Let us know if it's heavy once you get it.