I Cheated Too! Sorry, But I Had To

  1. Oh great Brick!
    I'm glad I could help you and your wallet! :lol:

    I really like these MJ bags, but the Carliese is still better!
  2. brick, I had absolutely no idea who's in your avatar or the guy in the pic knasarae were. I had to search. But now I do, and I am no longer doubting my ability to rock the L.A.M.B.

    I have 4 L.AM.B. bags and 4 Rebecca Minkoff bags. 1 more of each is on the way. I guess I can't cheat on either yet.
  3. Lol, I'm sorry RaeBelle. I get a little carried away when I talk about my menz. I think I have more like 60% LAMB 40% other. I dunno...I'll just be glad when I get to the point of feeling like my collection is well-rounded. Then maybe I won't feel the need for any mroe bags!!

    But I do want the Morning After clutch. I love that you can wear it cross-body! I'm trying to decide on Night or Persimmon.
  4. Don't worry about it knasarae! It was a fun time at google search. I had a few guesses, I'm not too out of it. And my fantasy crushes could confuse most people, I'm sure of it.

    I'm trying to talk myself out of a Sea Green Nikki. I love the Persimmon colour, but totally can't pull it off. When you've decided I'm sure I'll see it here or there. :smile:
  5. I agree with Knaz...I put everything up and only bought LAMB..It took over my space. i am just now after about 4 months starting to look around at other brands again...

    And Knaz did you get the new CD. Baby i went and bought 2 of those suckers and bump them to work every morning..and home...
  6. That's okay to cheat once in a while! I'll be cheating soon enough and get myself an LV Speedy 30...and then back to LAMB again once the Anniversary sales hits in late July.
  7. Lambies if you get a chance please go to the guts post and flag the spammers that we have on there.
  8. Raebell..my avatar is Lil Wayne, a rapper from Lousianna. he is super hot right now. All the ladies love lil wayne. The other guy is Pharell..very different kinda talent than Lil wayne. Knaz I dont know if you saw on my myspace but took a picture with Pharell when i worked for k104 fm radio station. (naah naah, naa naa naah )LOLOLOL
  9. ^ no offense, but why do you take the time to do this lamb shank?
  10. ^ I thought it was funny..was it meant to be bad kwitty?
  11. ^^You would need to look at the other posts by these people...
  12. yeah, if anyone else had said it I would have thought it was funny too! But like Lindsay said...
  13. Oh, I see....Some people just have nothing better to do..They are about to be kicked out by the admins.
  14. I have been so busy I haven't been able to get it yet, brick. BF was supposed to buy it but *sigh* I don't know what to do with him. I'll pick it up tomorrow.

    Pharrell is the hottest producer on the planet with a crazy falsetto that not everyone can appreciate. Plus he's sexy. Plus he can DRESS. Plus he's not afraid to be different. Plus he's sexy. Plus he loves LV. Plus he's sexy. Did I mention he was sexy??
  15. Yes, I screamed when I saw it!!!! I would've given a kidney to be there!! I also that pic with you and baby Usher, lol. Diddy know he wrong for having that boy singing about sex and he was only 14. But I sure was jammin' to it anyway!!