I cheated on my SA....

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  1. I just placed my first order on hermes.com. I ordered a pair of cufflinks for my husband as I don't have enough time before we leave town again to head into my local H boutique. I may have popped a GM cashmere shawl in there before checking out.

    I feel oddly dirty :hrmm:

    Do you usually conduct all of your H business with your local SA or do you patronize various SAs at different boutiques?

    I will admit this is the 2nd time I've cheated as I couldn't resist a couple of goodies at the Bal Harbour H on a trip earlier in the year. I did resist one extra item & regret leaving it behind now. And a minor infraction may have occurred at the Wynn (I had a wee bit too much champagne en suite & all of the lovely stores stay open until midnight - what's a girl to do?). And Paris obviously doesn't count (the Hermes version of the Vegas rule "What happens in FSH...") applies to my local SA as well as my DH :angel:
  2. Most SAs should be able to understand that there're certain things which you can get easily and faster only through overseas, Hermes.com or in FSH. Most importantly is to be honest with them and be open if you happen to carry a new birkin bought elsewhere and not through your SA.

    If you're close to your SA, she will be able to understand. It does help to inform her if you're able to source the item you want in which she is helping to hunt. She can then stop hunting and focus more on her other base of customers.
  3. I would like to add that for small states and in some major cities, most of the SAs may know one another and can be close colleagues despite working in different stores.
  4. I buy most of my scarves when I travel. I don't usually buy bags when traveling because its kind of hard to transport. I don't feel bad but my SA is a plane ride away. IFFAH is right, sometimes its just easier to grab an item when you see it, instead of going back to your SA.
  5. I'm always honest and upfront with my SA. I have been known to ring them from other stores when abroad asking how easily would they be able to get an item for me or should I just buy it in the foreign store.

    I think honesty is the best policy and as a SA they should understand that you may find things whilst travelling that your own store didn't purchase. HTH
  6. I do this a lot......sometimes I snap up something I know my SA won't have or won't source for me....

    AND I buy things elsewhere when I'm traveling....
  7. My SA's know I travel a lot so they don't mind seeing me with things I didn't purchase from them. They actually enjoy looking at what I buy at other stores/countries because often times, they don't carry the same stock.
  8. Personally I buy Hermes items only at the Hermes boutique of my city. It's just a personal choice, because I enjoy so much not only to buy Hermes items but also to be in the Hermes boutique with all the wonderful items around and the store manager and all the SAs over there are always very nice and extremely polite, and then every time I learn something more about Hermes..:yahoo:But I repeat it is just a personal choice because to buy over there makes me happy!;)
  9. Although I love my SAs, they are well-aware that I hunt in other boutiques for the items they don't have. My H boutique is a franchise so they don't generally carry everything Madison or Wall St. would have. I got my Piccolo at Madison, as well as a white Kelly necklace, Twilly's and my Pik-a-Book. I've purchased several Kelly necklaces, a number of Twilly's and a 90 carre at Wall St. I also have found things on-line that I haven't found in my boutique. I think that, especially at the few franchise stores, they completely understand when their clients need to look elsewhere for what they need.
  10. If The item is hard to get, I will buy it without consultation. Everything else goes straight through my sa from the basic blanket and perfume gifts, to slgs and bags. Generally I stick to my sa for bags unless its a gh bag.
  11. If your regular store won't be getting (or can't get) what you want, I don't see anything wrong with getting it from another store.
  12. yes. i am the same with twigz. i don't understand why you would assume that your SA would be upset if you purchase H from other shops!?
  13. I've been cheating on my SA regularly for the past year. I don't think they would get particularly upset unless you asked for something but bought it elsewhere instead.

    There are too many H stores in the world... they can't really expect us to stick to one!
  14. ah I totally understand! Funny it happened to me recently. I purchased an H cuff over the phone from a store several states away after calling stores for weeks and it not feeling very promising! I then saw my regular sa while wearing it and she told me I should have called her, they just got it in. I didn't get into it with her, but I did call the store but she was on vacation and the other SA working supposedly took my name down to call me when it came in and I didn't get the call when it was in! So really, if I'm going to their store, I ask if they're there, if they're not and I still want something I see, I buy it from another SA. Why should I wait?
  15. I do not see this as "cheating"............. I am always upfront with H SA that I get my H from somewhere else when they do not have those I wanted in stock..........