I cheated on MJ...

  1. Hi everyone!

    So, I had all intentions of exchanging my "soiled" MJ Hobo Stam that was delivered to me last week for a new, pristine one over the weekend. However, when I got there, I admit, I decided to cheat on MJ. I ended up getting a Bottega Veneta, my first. I think I just had enough with my half-year ordeal with Stams in general. I think I've finally reconciled the fact that it was not meant to be for me with Stams. But, it doesn't mean that I won't still admire them. Just wanted to give everyone an update since people were so supportive.
  2. ^ Congrats SuLi. BV bags are timeless and classy, I love them. Did you get the Ball bag? =)
  3. I've bought both MJ and BV. You won't be sorry you got a BV. May I ask what style and color you got?

    Sometimes when there are several issues with a product, I conclude that it wasn't meant to be and try something else. enjoy your new bag, SuLi!
  4. Thanks bag.lover and boxermom! I got the large black woven hobo...started a post about it in the general handbag section. I should be getting it iby Fedex tomorrow (crossing my fingers) and will post pictures tomorrow night. The Neiman's that I went to only had the small woven hobo, and it just doesn't fit all the things that I carry daily. That leather is so yummy, but I do feel guilty for cheating on MJ. Hopefully, another MJ in the upcoming months will entice me! But for now, I'm on a strict bag ban.
  5. Glad to hear the happy ending after all the stam drama! I am sure MJ will understand and patiently wait to tempt you with the next bag. I look forward to taking a glance at your BV. The weaving always looks so amazing!!
  6. good choice, suli...BV bags are gorgeous! and i agree...i think the stam just wasn't meant to be in this case :sad:
  7. I'm glad you found a bag SuLi! It's always best to go with what works best for you. The MJ gods did not want you to get that stam for some reason...
  8. Oooh, I love BV! Congrats!! Did you post pics anywhere?
  9. Suli, BV bags are so beautiful. You definitely got a winner there. I'm sure Stam will find its way back to you eventually. In the meantime, enjoy your new BV! And take a pic if possible!
  10. Hey SuLi,

    the BV bags are just gorgeous.! buttery soft leather.... :love: ahhhhhh!
    absolutely to die for..... I could even sleep in it!! (if only i fit)

    it's on my list of bags to be added to my collection=)

    Congrats on getting your first BV!! post pics when you get it!