I Cheated on Kooba... Again!

  1. I finally gave in to the black Gustto Baca! Now, what I am about to say may be shocking, but...

    I am done buying bags. Finished. I'm leaving tPF and going to take up Sudoku instead (which will be a lot easier on the pocketbook). Adiós!

    Okay, just kidding. But I am going on a ban until 7/1. Don't laugh, I am serious. I am definitely looking forward to my first purchase from lninos though!!!
  2. You're gonna love it. And with LNinos, you are gonna get that bag fast. They are so excellent with service. Tell Vira I said Hi (That's the wife of Leonard). And you won't be disappointed with this luscious bag.

    If you are gonna cheat on Kooba, Gustto is the way to go. I also got my Baca from LNinos.
  3. Funny you should ask me to say hi... When I checked out, I added a personal message that you referred me! ;)
  4. That's cool. They are truly the best of the best. They have gone out of their way to get me so many of my bags.
  5. YAAAAYYYY girl you are going to love it TRUST ME ! :smile: me and lexie talked about the baca when she was getting hers and you are going to be IN LOVE! :smile: YAY baca club!!! (is it just us 3 ;) )
  6. ^So, we're like the 3 Gusttoteers!

    I'm really excited to finally be getting this one. I've been thinking about it ever since I saw the pics of your red one... The last few days I'd been trying to decide between a black Baca and a black Elisha, and the Baca came out ahead.

    I'm not sure yet how I'm going to explain this one to DH. This is my 3rd bag in 2 weeks... LOL
  7. HAHA THANKS AMAZING THE 3 GUSTTOTEERS! :smile: i love it!! ! i want a teeshirt haha

    Thats a hard choice elisha or baca i wouldnt be able to choose hehe hence the reason i have both :smile:!

    oo 3 bags in 2 weeks ive been there!!! your scared for DH to know i have to sneak into my area in the house but my mom loves shopping and were close so she always comes to my space and is like soo what bags did u buy (cause she knows i dont buy anything else!)
    haha and always thinks im nuts!

    i just got 2 coach bags like a week ago and now i am signed onto a Prada bag (payment plan) and if there is a kooba nicole at the SS on tuesday someones picking that up for me so i am in TROUBLE haha to say the least!
  8. Oh, I love the Nicole. What color are you hoping to find?
  9. black :smile: i dont want to worry about the wear like what happened to lexies light colored charlie im sure the nicole would do the same, and i dont have a big big black bag so i think it would be awsome but i told her $300 limit

    cause at the last one when the ginger was most popular it was $250 during its seasons sample sale

    so im hoping that if they have the new line the prices will be about the same, so up to $300 (inc tax which on a 250 is like $35 i think something like that) so even if its a little more it will be ok but if its over $300 with tax i cant do it at least not now cause eventually like the older popular styles did, these new ones will go on sale so if i cant get it for $300 or less then ill just wait :smile:
  10. Good color choice, and good luck with the sample sale! I love, love, love finding great deals on bags!

    I haven't seen the Nicole or the Charlie IRL, but from the pics the Nicole looks like a sturdier, more finished leather. Maybe it wouldn't become damaged as easily as the Charlie... now that I think about those two bags, I wonder...

    Is the sample sale going on now or does it start tomorrow?
  11. i havent seen either in real life either acutally!!! :smile: the woman whos picking it up for me said she thought she liked nicole better then charlie but then saw them in person and didnt like the nicole as much

    but i really love it and so i am just going to go with it! i like the flap i think its cute and i like the zippers up the front! :smile:

    actually the SS starts tuesday :sad:
    i wish they were open mondays then i could go myself but they are always closed on mondays and on tuesdays i have class from before they open all the way into the afternoon
    and i feel like if they are going to have the new spring line even by the afternoon with the eBay vultures the popular new ones could be all gone :sad:
  12. Well, good luck! I hope you are able to get your hands on a Nicole... Yeah, I like the flap too... and speaking of flaps I like the Meredith as well. I totally dig the pleats, so girly!

    It was nice to chat with you tonight. I'm actually going to try and get some rest now if you can believe that. If you need any reinforcement tonight while you're on PF Patrol, don't hesitate to turn on the bat signal and I'll come runnin'... LOL!
  13. haha Sleepp!?!?!? what what is this word you use, i have never heard of it,,,, ;)

    The bat signal, :smile: the gusttoteers signal! it will be a giant baca in the sky

    hehe sleep well! :smile:
  14. Cheaters! Adulterers! The lot of you!

    Wait....I do have two Tanos on order.


    *slinks away*
  15. Oh I LOVE that bag! I think it's fabulous and I'm jealous!

    Someday when I'm back in buying mode, I'm going to have to quiz you guys on just who this mysterious LNinos is! :smile: