I Cheated, but I Didn't Lie

  1. Two weeks or more til Miroir and I've really been so, so good. Except...well, Hermes opened a flagship across the street from the NYSE today. And they're the only location with the new Kelly Caleche fragrance. All I was going to do was sniff the perfume and buy a bottle if I liked it -- what's not to like in a floral leather that opens with a burst of grapefruit? It was a good plan. But I forgot about the commemorative scarf that they issue for new locations. It was cute, with sketches of the bridges and streets.

    Forgive me, LV!

    Ohmigod, am I still worthy of being on the waitlist?:crybaby:
  2. Well, it's only a little purchase...I thought you were going to tell me you bought a Birkin! :nuts:
  3. I'd have to win the lottery first.
  4. Okay...you're forgiven for your little stray into the even darker side of evil. lol At least when you get your Miroir, you'll smell really good with your new Hermes perfume and look even more fabulous with your Hermes scarf.

    This waiting is awful. I actually strayed a bit myself yesterday with a nice Burberry denim quilted tote bag, but good common sense came back and I returned it just in case I also can get the gold Miroir in addition to my silver. Ay, the sacrifices we make..... lol
  5. Ehh you never know ;)
  6. Every girl needs some variety! ;) I strayed from Hermes the other day to get an Azur Speedy 25 for rough days, and I don't feel guilty! :biggrin:
  7. Oh that is a tiny cheat, and it is "special" for a store opening so I wouldn't worry! The waitlist still wants you! LOL! Any pics of the new goods?
  8. Yea lol Don't worry about it!
    It's only a little something enjoy it ! :smile:
  9. Oh, no worries, it doesn't really count since it's a little something and it's a special opening. Pix? :p
  10. It was just a smaller purchase.
  11. A little something from Hermes can be only be a good thing.;)
    I adore Hermes scarves, they are just gorgeous but my LV addiction means I can rarely afford to buy one.
  12. --Oh! which miroir did you get? where did you get it? I've been looking for a gold speedy and couldn't find any...
  13. No biggie....lol.
  14. I probably wouldn't have been able to resist either. I would love to see a pic of the new scarf, if you're willing to post one...
  15. It's ok!...hehe, Oh and you are not allowed to get a birkin, unless I can get one with you. so there!!!! :p

    :heart::heart::heart: lol!