I cheated.... and I might not be going back!

  1. I cheated on Coach... with Kooba!!!!

    I used the 25% that was posted in Deals and steals and went to the Off Saks in San Marcos, TX yesterday. Found an absolutely beautiful Kooba... with the coupon I paid just over $200!!! :yahoo:

    It's fabulous, the leather is so soft, it's a beautiful springy green color... oh my... It's totally my newest bag love for sure! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    That said, I have no idea what the name of this bag is. Can anyone (Lexie2000?) help me out?

    I think it's from last year, it's lined in the lavender Ultra Suede.

    Any, if anyone else is planning to go to Off 5th in San Marcos, they had one other Kooba... a small, cream colored satchel style, if it's still there.
  2. Opps... I tried to post a picture and it didn't come up... trying again.

    sorry for the terrible picture... took it with my camera phone.
  3. I love it! Cool color too :yes: I am dying to get Kooba lookig for a good deal like yours!!
  4. That is a Marcelle! Love the color!
  5. ohhh... the marcelle! love the name! Any idea when the bag came out?

    I love the color too... unfortunately, the combonation of poor photo quality and harsh overhead lighting in my office doesn't do it justice!
  6. Nice color and its a good brand. You wont regret that you cheated ;)
  7. Congrats on the Marcelle! Enjoy!
  8. That bag is beautiful! Great color!
  9. yeah i'm a diehard coach fan and i'm planning on saving for a kooba ;) the elisha or the devin i think, but kooba looks and sounds delish... i havent seen one in person and in order to get one way up here in maine i'll have to order it, but i'll be a cheater soon too, you're not alone (and once a coach lover always a coach lover, you'll be back lol)
  10. ViciousBliss,

    maybe I'm just obsessive (hmmmmm.... I'm here on this forum... you think?) But I already want more, more, more Kooba! I love the Elisha and the Devin too!

    Also strongly considering cheating with Botkier... those are some seriously fab bags too!
  11. Congrats! I'm thinking about getting my first Kooba too one dad. Just can't decide. Yours looks beautiful and sounds like you got a great deal!
  12. lucky lucky on that deal ><
  13. *frolics off to look* :wlae:
  14. Nice color!
    Congrats and enjoy!
  15. Yup, that's a Marcelle in Moss. I have a Sienna in Moss and it is a great accent color for neutral clothes. I love the Marcelle but they are getting difficult to find...you were quite lucky especially at that price. Enjoy!