I cheated and got a spy!!!

  1. Omg! i cheated on my lv's and finally got a spy im so excited i though id share this with everyone!!! will post pictures when i get off work and get home :yahoo:
  2. awesome what kind of spy? Can't wait for pics, hopefully there will be some modeling ones:yes:
  3. like the title of the thread. :lol: it sure got my attention!

    i hope your LVs will understand.

    can't wait to see your new spy!!!
  4. haha i hope my babies will understand too. i got a grey spy from joma shop. i cant wait to post pics! i wish i was off work now! :yes:
  5. ooh gorgeous color
  6. Oh lovely can't wait to see modeling pics. Congrats!
  7. and now... presenting! my jomashop bag! i love the color of the weave on the handle flap thingy? cause of its colors :smile:
    Picture 319.jpg Picture 321.jpg Picture 314.jpg Picture 315.jpg
  8. It's beautiful. I love the color!
  9. Beautiful! Look at the bubbles! I love that color, and the handles especially! Congrats:tup:
  10. oooh now that is lovely. I think the LVs will understand. After all, who wouldnt cheat when comfronted with something so gorgeous ;)
  11. Very nice, congrats!
  12. Beautiful, congrats!! :woohoo:
  13. Ooh it's nice and bubbly, congrats!

    And don't feel bad for cheating....I love both Fendi and Louis, and, well who am I kidding.....just about any gorgeous bag :shame:
  14. its okay! louis vuitton owns fendi, anyway
    so you're not REALLLLYYY cheating... the money goes to the same people anyway! haha
  15. Gorgeous spy! Congrats.