I cheated a little...BUT... I learned my lesson!

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  1. Hi girls!!!

    OK, so I have been dabbling in other designers a little - Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Prada -
    BUT I have decided that BBags are just so much more ME!!! :yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo:

    and to think, I ALMOST sold my Black City :shame:

    Glad to be back! :P
  2. welcome back queen victoria!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. That's ok queen!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Welcome back queenie! Don't try to leave us ever again! :lecture::P
  5. LOL!!!

    I just put all of my stuff back in my Black City! :P

    I took the Chanel Tote I just got shopping today in Chicago ... but, pretty as she is, she is going to be sold ... took one of the Marc Jacobs bags back to NM today also, and the other one is going to be sold ... still undecided about the Prada ... but definitely NOT selling the BBags!! what was I THINKING :wtf:
  6. ^^ phew, whatta relief, welcome back!!! :wlae:
  7. Welcome back !!! Glad you're back for good now! :party:
  8. yea, me too! I almost sold my entire collection. I was thinking I was completely over B bags..

    The only regret I had was selling my apple green twiggy (the start)...I may just have to make up for that by buying the new grass green.:shrugs:

    No more selling off these babies...
    B bags just go with everything and anything!!
  9. glad your moment of 'weakness' has passed... STAY WITH US!!! weeeeeee heeeeee!!!!
  10. welcome back!!! :yahoo:
  11. Welcome back!! :drinkup: Sometimes I am tempted to stray, but the bbag leather keeps me coming back!!! :lol:
  12. i have just started bbags, and i may occassionally stray. I think that a nice black chanel bag is going to be added to my wish list. But keep the beautiful bright smooshy bags coming!!!

    Welcome back!
  13. LOL welcome back!!
  14. I am going to keep the Chanel wallet, but after carrying BBags, everything else feels so HEAVY!
  15. i know what you mean, b-bag leather is the lightest & coolest around :love:...there are very few other designer bags that i can wear...my chanel black caviar, my moo-moo soft calf frame, my YSL rive gauche & my gucci blondies are all really light...but the only bags i ever reach for are my b-bags :P