I change my prada for...

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  1. A porte plume document !
    In veau Box colour : Marron Foncé !!!! yes it's not "chocolate" but "Marron foncé"! It's very rare to found it... The zipper is in silver.
    Very pratical for all the working girl! ;)

    I can put inside my yellow pad, my globe trotter, my karo, and my bearn. I dont' try yet to put my laptop but I think that it's fit well.
    So if you looking something very nice, very lighter, discrete, not so show off like a birkin think about the porte doc plume! Trés élégant :love:

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  2. Oh lala!!! J'adore!!!
  3. Congratulations, and better still, staff price?!
  4. Wow, love it!!! It's just what I need... How much is it in Paris? I guess prices in Spain will not be very different.
  5. Tres jolie, SP!!!
  6. Tres chic!!!!!
  7. In box, It's 4450 €. One of my best friend got one in Vache fjord in chocolate. gorgeous too.
  8. lovely! What size is that? 31 or 37? I am writing this into my wishlist too!
  9. That bag is beautiful, SP!! Congrats and I must say it's very you. :heart:
  10. Tres chic!
  11. Just delicious...you made a great change!
  12. J'adore aussi!!!!:heart:
  13. Oh, that is so lovely!! Congratulations!!
  14. 37:yes:
  15. Congratulations SP.

    Very nice, very you, and a great, great improvement over the Prada.