i caved

  1. the luxury line wasn't growing on me ... then I was kinda getting into the metallic one - but my husband nixed it - too pricey ... then on this site I saw the red one ... and it was love at first site ... the the SA in HK told me that they didn't order red for HK .... I nearly cried ... as luck would have it ... I had a business trip last week to Singapore ... and they had ONE piece left of the small bowler .... and it is soo damn prices (2300 dollars!!!!0 but I caved and I bought it ... and I am in some serious trouble!!!!!
  2. the small bolwer was 2300usd??
    thats strange, the med is 2160USD.
  3. I think she meant SIngapore dollars, which works out to be about USD$1440.
  4. no it was 2300 USD ... it was 3000 singapore dollars - guess it is more expensive there but not buy a thousand dollars - maybe mine is the medium? ..... but I couldnt' get the red ones anywhere else ...
  5. yeah that sounds about right. they retail 2160 USD without tax.
  6. yeah, maybe it was the Med?
    WHere's our pics!?? We wanna see!