I caved in!

  1. So I officially broke my Bag ban because my Macy's got Spiaggia in & my friend had a coupon for $25 off any purchase over $100. I found the CUTEST Bambione, nice ocean print, not too much of the beach - I realized I didnt really like the beach scene all too much because I originally wanted a BV and the 2 in the store mostly had Beach scene on them, and the same print front & back no less, and I was like "meh" - but there was a gioco with a nice ocean print on the front and I was like OOOO! but it didnt have adios on the surf board. Then I saw they had a bambinone and it has Adios on BOTH SIDES!!! :nuts: I got soooo excited!

    I will take pics when my bf brings home the digicam, but then again, I have to make sure I hide the bag from him cuz I'm still supposed to be banned by him. :sweatdrop: (its in the back of the closet still in the bag behind my shoe rack hehe) But I'm going to tell him tomorrow that my Aunt got it for me, because I'm seeing her tomorrow for mother's day so that can be my alibi hehe.
  2. hahaha i just broke my own lil self-ban..i said NO MORE bags till trasporto..especially older prints like inferno and paradiso..then i go an buy an inferno campeggio from angelic ruin..lolz OH MAN!
  3. Oo:huh:o:huh::huh:o shame, shame. I can't lie about tokis. I feel bad. But post pics soon :biggrin: & congrats on the new bag hahhahaha.
  4. I did too! I'm suppose to be buying some tires for our SUV -arrrg!!! Front tire is on a spare. new tires? or toki bag? new tires? or toki bag.. hmmmmm decisions decisions.. HAHAHA!!!
  5. Your front tire is a spare? OK, you need to get the tire instead of a toki, lmfao.
  6. freakin' jess.. haha! HEY i just STARTED my time of the month this morning.. maybe i should let it do the talking for me too haha

    leen.. your SUV is on a spare?! you shouldn't really be driving too far on that tire, LOL! dang, when one of my tires went out.. i bought a new one RIGHT AWAY. i was about 1.5hrs. away from SD and i wouldn't be able to drive that far with my spare.. in addition to that, i thought it was humiliating. haha
  7. I know I know. It's the driver side. My husband said he put the spare in. I asked him is that driveable? lol.. then he says yes cause it's a full size spare. I was.. whew..! I thought it was those rinky dink skinny spares. Yeah I know we're getting the tires this week Lol.
  8. psh, my tire went flat on the freeway and i got off and my bf came to rescue me and put the spare on my lil car and it "hopped along" home...and the next day I got a new tire. You're not supposed to drive a long way or fast on that thing. It is not good hahahha. Tire, tire, tire.

    Sorry, was I being mean? Oh :X I am sorry. Stinkin period makes me crazy and outspoken and stuff.
  9. LMAO!! nah you weren't mean! lol..

    Ok i promise to get that tire ASAP! (the good thing is, the tire is full size like the others) Just looks ugly lol. We're getting em on Monday..lolz
  10. Congrats!
    It's funny coz I actually LOVE the beach scene and don't like the rest that much, I'm looking for a bag with all the beach scene minus the girl. :graucho:

    Waiting for a picture. :wlae:
  11. I really like the shape of the bambinone and bambinos. I like the fuller bags (something about the roundness is attractive I suppose).
  12. I didn't really think I would ever like the Bambinone that much, but when I saw bubblesungs Spiaggia one, I kind of fell in love with the way it looked. And then, of course, seeing one in person, well that just sealed the deal! :p

    digicam is home, but bf has the memory card so I cant transfer pics - and I didnt wind up going to go see my Aunt today, so the spiaggia still is in hiding until Summer.
  13. Ok, here's the pics - front, back, bottom, & me wearing it :smile:

  14. Super cute!!!!
  15. Its cute! I :heart:the little boy eating the hot dog.