I caved in for the Merlot :)

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  1. I've been looking for a red MJ bag to complement the cooler colors of my collection. I was settled to get a Christy or Blake in bordeaux and was getting ready to call the NY boutique to place in my order. Until... the moment I saw the merlot in a ZC at Bloomingdales, it drove me crazy and gave me restless nights. I was craving and yearning to have piece of this color. Finally, I caved in, called Gabby (thanks Tadpole for the hook up!!! :flowers:) from the NY Mercer St. boutique and ordered the mercer line Blake. While waiting anxiously, I went back to Bloomies to accompany a friend to shop for a gift. And there it was-- the ZC staring at me again from its peaceful, glass-encased world beckoning and taunting me. Need I say more? Presenting my absolute addiction to all things merlot-- and I hope it stops here:nuts:

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  2. Yes, it may seem like a ZC overload-- but I got the black ZC from the NM 2BUY2 sale, of course the merlot ZC that I can't get over. The pale grey was meant to tame the rich red color of the Blake because I don't think I will use all the merlot at the same time :amazed: I will only keep the merlot and the pale grey. The black goes to my mom for Mother's Day! It will be her first MJ :smile:

    I didn't think I'll ever use these two words-- PURSE BAN! Till fall '08 at least ;)
  3. Congrats, your bags and ZCs are absolutely gorgeous!
  4. WOWZA!!! You are drunk from Merlot! :P Congrats on all of your beautiful Merlot pieces. I'm glad you caved into temptation! Gorgeous MJ family as well!!:nuts::woohoo:
  5. Thanks Ashlee and Luv! Nice way to put it Luv... Trust me, I am so drunk and wasted now :tispy:
  6. ^^LOL! Drunk & Happy...in this case, a great combination! :biggrin:
  7. In that case, let's all have a glass of merlot to toast girl_chill's new aquisition. Congrats!
  8. Thanks Thithi! Cheers to all of you enablers as well :drinks::drinkup:
  9. :tispy::drinkup::party:
  10. I'll drink to that! Gorgeous collection! :heart: all the color!!! Great addition, glad you caved!
  11. Great color. I love it!
  12. That's a great red. Oongrats on your new items! I love your collection, girl_chill.
  13. Wow, ABSOLUTELY gorge.:wtf: That color is such a beautiful red. I must say I love every single piece of your collection. Love those colors.
  14. Your collection is BEAUTIFUL. Congrats!
  15. Beautiful collection! :heart:

    I've only seen as much as my ZC in the Merlot but the Blake is gorgeous in that color. :drool: Congratulations!! Enjoy it all!