i caught trenino fever!

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  1. So i decided to go check the Loehmanns in White Plains today (about 45 min outside NYC) and SURE ENOUGH! They have Citta stuff in! and 2 Treninos & like, 5 Scuolas 2 Bracialettos & 1 Portatelefono. So I bought a Citta Rosa Trenino & a Citta Grey Porta. Came out to like, $250-ish.

    Here's some pics:

    I might be suffering from buyer's remorse tho, but I've got 13 days to figure out if I still want it! :P (I'm goin to check the Loehmanns in Riverdale/Bronx later this week also - Maybe they'll have more stuff and/or a better print)
  2. congrats! i would have bout a citta porta had they looked like that at our loehmann's!!! i like your placement a lot!
  3. You scored! Those are really nice!! I checked the closest Loehmanns to me (San Marcos in San Diego) and there were no Toki anything. I also checked my local TJMaxx and no luck there. My friend was telling me that Tokidoki is really popular in SoCal so finding anything for a good deal will be tough.

    Congratulations on your finds, I love the Trenino!
  4. great buys!
  5. Trenino fever!! hehe :lol: Congrats!! :yahoo: You got a really nice placement for the CR!! Your porta is cuuute too!! Too bad the red superhero is behind the mesh!
  6. now im wishing i kept my citta rosa trenino!!
  7. nice placement on the trenino! congratz!
  8. see! just when i started debating about whether or not i should sell the trenino, you ENABLERS! (j/k) give me such positive feedback! I had originally wanted either a citta rosa gioco or a ciao ciao, but then I got to thinking, I already HAVE those bag styles, it would be silly to get them in another print. So I guess it looks like I'm sticking with it!

    Plus I *LOVE* the porta - I just bought a new digicam yesterday & as the guy in circuit city was trying to push a $40 sony camera case on me, all I could think was "PORTATELEFONO!" I really didn't think I would like the citta one, but it was the only one they had in the store & it was such a good price, I couldnt pass it up. I dont really like the porta in the other prints & was actually considering getting it in famigilia since that print is so basic & i probably wont get a bag in that print. But the citta one is great :smile:
  9. Congrats! :dothewave::dothewave: I think both your bags totally rock!! :rochard: I want a trenino of my own now. :rolleyes:
  10. Congrats! Perfect placement on your Trenino.
  11. congrats on your porta and trenino!! They really do look great and you got both for such an awesome price! Keep them!! lol
  12. sadly it looks like they must go back - i need the money to pay for getting my wisdom tooth out. :*(
  13. aww your porta was so cute!
    i'm sorry about wisdom tooth issues.

    i have to get mine sometime this summer. thank goodness for dental insurance.
  14. aww so sorry tokidokicouture! :sad:
    but hmm dental issues are much more important than tokis :Push:

    don't worry .. one day you will come upon another perfect citta porta and citta rosa trenino :yes:
  15. im having problems with my insurance because it was supposed to have been changed because when i signed up for it at my new job, i accidentally changed it from what it was at my other job - and then of course, none of my dentists take the one i signed up for. And i THOUGHT i had contacted the HR lady like, a month & 1/2 ago and told her to change it, (because they said if u changed before the 15th of the month, it would be changed for the start of the next month) but I called today & its still the same!! So when I go to work tomorrow I have to raise all hell to make sure it gets changed before my surgery is scheduled!! :cursing:

    ...which means, i guess if my insurance DOES cover everything, then i can keep everything! :nuts: