I Caught The One That Got Away!!!!!

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  1. Everyone has that one bag they wish they had bought but never did and then it becomes impossible to find. Well, back in 05 before I was into Coach. This bag caught my eye and was THE BAG that introduced me to Coach. I never bought it because back then I thought the price was CRAZY to pay for a bag! I've always thought of the bag and drooled whenever I would see it. On the rare occasion I would see it on eBay the seller would be iffy or the bag would be in bad shape. Well, after 2 years of drooling and dreaming...I finally FOUND ONE!!! I'm SO excited!!! I really have no business buying this bag since I JUST bought a new 06 shoudler just this week!!! Oh why, oh why didn't I see this first. :confused1: So....I was on eBay last night (dangerous after a few glasses of wine by the way) :drinkup:......a few clicks later and I got my girl! :tispy:
  2. She's pretty! Congrats!
  3. thank you!!! I'm more excited about this older bag than I ever have been about a new one! :smile:
  4. Happy that all the years of drooling & longing were worth it! Enjoy your new girl!
  5. WTG, hope she's on your arm soon....
  6. THANK YOU! I should have her by Wednesday or Thursday. I'll post pics! I have some brown suede boots that will look great with this bag! :tup:
  7. I'm a dork...but I just saw the picture again and got butterflies in my stomach! LOL......:blush:
  8. Congratulations! I have the brown signature tote version and it's still my favorite, even after having it for over a year. I used it today as a matter of fact.

    BTW, I know what you mean about surfing eBay after having a few glasses of wine! Dangerous! ;)
  9. Congrats! I have always liked that bag!
  10. oooh, i haven't seen that one before. it's really cute! congrats!!!
  11. YAY for you!!!! I have the 06 version of this bag, and I LOVE HER to pieces!!!! YOU are going to love her, too!!! Congrats and I cant wait to see some modelling pics!!!!
  12. thanks! It also came in purple suede which I like also but this brown seems more versatile. :smile:
  13. oh, its good to hear someone else has a similar bag. Did you treat the suede or just let it go and be very careful? I've never had a bag with suede.

    yeah, shopping after a few adult beverages is never a good idea! :lol:
  14. congratsss.!!! ANd in perfect time to switch to this bag for fall.!!!:tup:
  15. No, I did not treat the suede. It's held up really well. I carried it all last year, every day, and then put it up for a few months this spring/summer and just got it out again a few weeks ago. It really has no wear to it at all. Mine's the tote version which I carry by the handles, so nothing really touches the suede.

    You'll have to post pics when you get it!