I caught my fish!!!!

  1. I've been stalking eBay for a while now trying to catch the elusive Goldfish coin purse-- for a decent price :graucho: This morning I found a NWOT for a BIN of $45. I jumped on it without emailing the seller any questions since i was afraid it would disappear before I got a response. I just hope it's really NWOT! BTW, does any one know the original price of this coin purse? I remember it being kind of high! I have the matching keychain, too and love it!

  2. Cute...I don't know anything about the price though.
  3. that fishy is too cute! congrats on your find!
  4. That is adorable. It sounds like a good price, too. Hopefully someone here will know, but as long as you love it, then you did good!
  5. Nice! that sounds like a great price and I am super jealous!
  6. I've never seen that before. Cute.
  7. That's cute!
  8. Do you have the matching goldfish keyfob too?
  9. i do! My friend picked it up for me at the outlet last year! It's so pretty and usually hangs from my Chocolate Carly :heart:
  10. Too cute and a great price for that rare item!
  11. Darn it. I was trying so hard to enable you! Okay, how about this? Your goldfish wristlet would look really nice in a bronze trim Carly! ;)
  12. congrats.. glad you finally got one! :tup:
  13. I just looked in the catalog that it was in and it says:

    Fish coin purse, style#489, retailed for $128.

    Great deal!
  14. Yay!! I finally got a "great deal" on something! I just hope it turns out to be as pretty as it looks in the picture!
  15. Doesn't take much to enable me! I have 3 Carlys and would totally get another one ;)