I caught an ostrich ... but it's a Bolide!!!

  1. Today, I went to Bern, the capital of Switzerland, to pick-up my passport since I'm going on a day trip to Paris on Saturday. While I was in Bern, I decided to go to the Hermes shop. It was a small shop but cupid put an arrow into my heart when I saw this 27cm Bolide in royal blue ostrich! :love: :nuts: :shame: Now, it's mine and it's the perfect size for me!

    It will be a present from my husband for our 1st year wedding anniversary in 2 weeks. That also means that I cannot use the bag until our actual anniversary date ... but I took it out of the box for a while to take pictures for you guys!

    Now, the bag is sleeping quietly in it's box... but in 2 weeks time I can already take it for a walk! :nuts:




  2. OH MY !!!! Love the blue ostrich and it fits you perfectly!!!!
  3. It's a beauty, la Van!! Happy Anniversary!
  4. Thanks jessdressed and jehaga!

    I couldn't think properly while I was looking at the bag. On one side, I thought that maybe I should wait until I go to Paris and visit the granddaddy of all Hermes shops. But cupid's arrow was just too strong and I couldn't resist!
  5. What a nice husband. :smile: Happy Anniversary, gorgeous bag. :smile:
  6. Awesome color! Congrats on your wedding anniversary :love:
  7. Well done La Van!!! It's beautiful, I love the color aswell, I must get something blue ASAP..! Today seems a good day for new acquisitions... I spent the whole morning in my local Hermès and walked out with my Etoupe Masai, plus I put an order for a choco box souple Kelly and I asked my SA to find me a Thalassa blue Birkin which seems a difficult color to find at the moment...Anyway, I walked out pretty satisfied....!!;) :lol:
  8. Thanks clanalois, cristina and duna!

    I'm really in love with the bag. I was not so much to Bolide's in the past, but the style really grew on me. Also, since it's the 27cm size, it's really perfect for me.

    Duna - Congrats on your masai and orders. I hope you get your blue and choco bags soon.
  9. it's so cute! it looks perfect on you. happy anniversary!!
  10. Congrats LaVan! It's gorgeous! What a wonderful way to celebrate you anniversary! Cheers!
  11. Wow! The blue ostrich looks stunning! It's the perfect color for you!

    Happy early Anniversary!!!! *clink*
  12. Simply gorgeous! It looks fabulous on you!
  13. LaVan! So happy for you!!!:love: You have the cousin to my kelly which I'm carrying today actually...you will love it! That size looks great on you and you know, it looks like with the smaller size the handles are actually a bit bigger -- it is such a great color! Happy anniversary to you too - DH and I just celebrated our 19th this past Monday which seems hard to believe...May you get many more Hermes for you on your future anniversaries!;) The plume is my 'present' which is supposed to ship next week..
  14. My my La Van, what a stunner! I love everything about that bag.. the color is awesome, the size looks perfect on you, and I'm loving the bolide style more and more. My fav is the one of you handholding the bag..

    Happy anniversary too :idea:

  15. Thanks diana, jag, addicted, Kat and shoes!

    I really love the bag!

    Shoes - yeah, our bags our cousins. The handles are longer in proportion to the bag on a 27cm compared to a 31cm. What I like a lot about the bag is that I can really use the shoulder strap and it doesn't look off. With my Kelly, I only use the shoulder strap when necessary ... and if I use it, I take it messenger style. Belated Happy Anniversary to you too and I can't wait to see your plume.