I carry a ___ bag b/c I want to be liked..

  1. Exactly as the title says..

    [I hope this thread doesn't start any drama. This thread by no means is to offend anyone...]

    I just started a new course & school last week.

    I chose to leave all of my higher end bags at home & I have ONLY been carrying my 1 Coach bag b/c I felt like I didn't want to make myself seem "better" than anyone in anyway.

    I have a LV cles that is attached to my keys and even that little piece of luxury makes me feel like I had to hide it.

    I'm not exactly sure how to describe why I feel this way..but does anyone kinda-know-what I am trying to say?

    Is this a normal situation?
  2. not really...i carry a coach bag to school as well...but its huge...in my area everyone carries a name brand bag...whether it be coach or Chanel...however i tend to see tons of FAKES so whatever...i dont care what anyone else thinks...as long as i like my bags its all good
  3. omg! thats the same bag I have been carrying but in white! lol.


    btw, I'm originally from Tampa. :smile:

    Graduated from Blake!
  4. While I understand the inclination in some situations, my honest view on the whole thing is that if people are going to dislike you or not give you a chance simply because of the BAG you're carrying (of all things!) they're not worth your time anyway.
  5. You're right..I just don't want to be classified as "rich" or snobby just because I'm drenched in labels.

    I hope no one is missing my point here...

    I chose Coach b/c it's a very popular brand that a lot of people own.
  6. When I first got interested in designer bags I wanted a logo on everything. Now, I am just the opposite. I want a quality, designer bag, but they are for ME and not to show off. In my community most people don't have or know designer bags, and most people don't have the money for them. I feel like carrying a well-recognized designer logo item would be in poor taste, as this is a small, close-knit community and my kids attend the schools here (I don't need people having misconceptions about them because of me). So I carry items that aren't easily identified.

    I understand the desire not to be too flashy. If the perceptions of others matter to you (and, let's face it, the opinions of others matter to ALL of us in some way), then carry your Coach and fit in. The longer you are there, the better feel you will get for how well your other bags might go over.

    Many people here will say to carry whatever you want. But in the fashion sections when people ask about dresses for certain occasions, no one hesitates to say that one dress is too flashy or dressy or casual for a certain occasion. Handbags are the same way to me. Sometimes they ARE too something for the occasion, and you have to carry what makes you feel comfortable.
  7. I totally know how you feel and when i first started getting into designer things i was VERY consious of what i wore during school hours.. However, i very quickly found out that it's not my bags they were recognizing (i carry plain Marc Jacobs bags or Balenciaga) but my True Religion jeans (my other weakness.. i have about 10 different pairs..) and they singling me out as the 'spoiled rich kid' anyway. I've stopped caring. So i say wear what you're comforable in. Shallow losers will BE shallow losers.
  8. thats cool I graduated from Academy of Holy Names :smile:
  9. I definitely know how you feel, thu. I try not to let it affect me, but once in a while I feel self-conscious about wearing brands like Chanel at school.
  10. i was wearing unifroms through high school, so... no fancy stuffs for me LOL
    they even made us to wear matchign shoes, socks adn belts.
    u know how catholics school ar sometimes.
    they made this rule so all look the same, no social class differentiation.
    i think it's a good idea though, so we don' t look up to the richer kids nor look down to the unlucky ones. it's all about our personality to bring you in the place, not the outfit.

    in college, i don't know brands yet. the most fancy bag i wear is from Guess or the prada nylon backpack i got from my aunt.
    any othe day, i look a total mess. i'm majoring in design and art, our classes involved us taking big drawing books, paints and all. sometimes i even carry a travel suitcase to fill them all in :p

    not fancy at all.
  11. No, never thought of it that way, but for stuff like job interviews and such I will consider what to bring.
  12. You know, I've learned that what people don't know, they will make up- it's annoying but true.
  13. I carry non logo bags to school as well. It's not that I fear that they'll dislike me, but I don't want them to have the first impression of me as materialistic or something along those lines. Since it's a class environment that collaborates amongst all the students. A lot of people are surprised that I get good grades and on scholarship to my school. People are judgemental, so I try not to stick out too much in the beginning at least
  14. I prefer to be a normal student at university so I always put my designer bags stayed at home and use high st. bag instead.
  15. I wouldn't take a designer bag to school. Even if I do carry a handbag I always stick it inside my bookbag.