I can't wear that dress again... I've worn it on Facebook!

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  1. Kids today...
    Easy solution-don't put so many photos of yourself on facebook.
  2. The article is totally believable, but not completely true for me personally. I am guilty of claiming I have nothing to wear at times (I always have something to wear; it's just a matter of me not wanting to wear what I already have sometimes), but I don't really worry about whether someone has seen me in a certain outfit before or not.

    :lol: Exactly! I'm so glad I have more important things to worry about than that type of silly stuff.
  3. Nah, not true for me at all; I can always dig out something I'm happy to wear from my wardrobe.
  4. This is me, but I'm not photographed that often (papparzi=my friends/don't do selfies)
  5. There were a few times I went home to change my clothes during break or lunch time, when I came back to office, no one noticed my outfits had been changed. I believe when you have more important things to do or focus on, those superficial things will be ignored.
  6. it is my belief that everyone who believes this is important has been watching too much reality tv. if you get obsessed with this; it's a personally generated drama.

    in our own non-reality tv, private lives, if people notice your clothes, they don't spend alot of time thinking about it.
  7. :roflmfao: Very true!

    I try not to wear the same dress to parties that are within a few weeks of each other... but I will re-wear a dress quite happily. I enjoy coming up with combinations of my existing clothes and any new purchases have to work with my wardrobe (I have to make 3 different outfits using the potential new piece otherwise I don't buy it).

    Yes I have days where I hate 90% of my wardrobe but that's normally when I'm just PMS-y :P
  8. I wear my clothes over and over and.I don't care if my friends on Facebook have seen them.
  9. i have to admit sometimes i think to myself "ugh i was just wearing that same outfit in all those photos"....but i wouldn't not wear it again JUST because of that.