I can't wait

  1. Hi, I love the speedy damier azur 25 but the LV store didn't have the purse on stock so I have to wait. They don't know how long I have to wait but as soon it comes in they call me. As soon as I got it I let you know.:smile:
  2. Post pics when you get it! I have the 30 and I love it!
  3. if you're in the states, check elux..they have it in stock now
  4. They were just having free shipping . . . You can track it all the way to your door. Ordered mine on a Sunday and had it in my hands by Thursday. A long four days, but worth it.
  5. Try www.eluxury.com you can buy one there! Yes, they are AUTHENTIC LV's!
  6. I live in the Netherlands. We've only one store in the country, Amsterdam. It will be my third LV bag. I already have the duomo and the Priscilla MC white.