I Cant Wait!!!!!!!

  1. Ok, so I checked my tracking number for the new shoulder bag in pond that I ordered and it is suppose to be here by 7pm pst today. Aaahhhhh! I cant wait. :yahoo::party::drool:
  2. I can't wait to see pics either. But, um, what happened to your ban? Lol.
  3. Yeah!!! Make sure you post pics!!!
  4. Lady...i got an email at 3:30am EST this morning telling me my purse "11127" has been shipped and arriving on June 22nd!! I FEEL YA!!! :yahoo:I have been doing the happy dance all day today at work!!:happydance: LOL
  5. How exciting! I just got a call from my Coach store and my shoulder tote is in (I had it sent to the store cause I usually get home late.) I will be picking up when I get off work! :yahoo:

    Can't wait to see pics of your bag! :tup:

  6. This was purchased before the ban was official (no ban during PCE).:yes:
  7. I think this has turned into the official "I can’t wait" thread, because I too have something coming that just got the green light today. :yahoo:
  8. Me, too!!!!! Hoping to get my large tote tomorrow!
  9. Its here. Pics to come soon. :dothewave:
  10. Man, I'm jealous!! My packages won't be here until Thursday.. can I just go to bed until then?? :sleepy::roflmfao:
  11. I have only purchased at Macy's or the outlet. This is my first phone order from a Coach store. I ordered the Khaki patchwork carly on Saturday. How long does it usually take to receive your items. Thanks for any info.

    The newbie: Janice
  12. Woohoo!!!! I'm so excited for all you ladies!!!!
  13. To any of you who ordered things in-store during PCE because they weren't currently in stock....if you have them shipped to your house, when/how do you get the shipment confirmation and/or tracking number? I placed an order on Friday afternoon and haven't heard anything yet. Thoughts?
  14. Hi Janice.. welcome to tPF !!

    Items ordered from coach usually take 3-5 days. They usually come from Florida (Jacksonville) unless it is coming from another store . You should get an e-mail and fedex tracking number when it ships.
  15. if you gave them your email, they will send confirmation... if you didn't give it to them, you will have to call for it.