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I can't wait to use my Ali!


Stupid Lamb
Jun 11, 2007
How many more days until Christmas ?!? :lol: I've only got to hold her on my shoulder a couple of times before putting her in her box to be wrapped but I can't wait to use her! So much so that I want to get one in black but I might have to wait to see if the bag I listed on Ebay sells first. And because the outlets are so far from me, I couldn't get to one until next weekend anyways...:Push:

Mrs. MC

Dec 4, 2007
I hear you. I can't have my Ali until christmas either. That is ok, something to look forward to that is exciting ! I got to take her out once and that was to the coach store to try a scarf on her and then back in the bag she went. I haven't even looked at her since but I bought the heart luggage charm for her yesterday, sigh