i can't wait to go home!

  1. i just got a call saying that i had a package at home from Sak's! i can't wait to go home to see what it is :smile: it's either my new medium flap or my new pearls! woo hoo!!:yahoo:
  2. Well get home and take us some pics already! =)
  3. yay! :party:
  4. congrats, I love that feeling of knowing something is at home waiting for me.
  5. Ohhhhh, I love that feeling, so exciting to think something wonderful is waiting for u at home!! Post pix.:yahoo:
  6. can't wait to see pics!!
  7. that's so exciting...:nuts:
  8. yaaay!
  9. yes can't wait for pix
  10. :popcorn:is it time to go home yet???
    pics please....
  11. Leave early. Don't you hate knowing you have that package and have to wait? Post pics.
  12. ok, i skipped out on pilates (i have a huge headache anyway) and came home and i found the most gorgeous bag :smile: [​IMG]

    Damian at Saks, PA is awesome! He's shipping off my pearl necklace tomorrow :smile:
  13. that is so gorgeous, I know Damian is the best.
  14. It's gorgeous!! What a nice bag to come home too.
  15. Gorgeous, I love the gold! Congrats!