I can't wait for this bag...

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  1. Is so beautiful...

  2. hmm it looks like it's from a few years ago. personally not a fan, but I don't like signature bags.
  3. No it is new, The color is very pretty :biggrin: When is it suppose to come out?
  4. Thats a great bag! Love the color-not really red & not really pink. Plus the flap bags are always so practical. I've been carrying a soho flap for a couple of years....:tup:
  5. It's on the website now ;)
    I'm personally a fan of the old Soho Flaps without the two pockets - makes it look a bit bulky. But I won't judge for sure until I see all these babies IRL on Saturday :yahoo:
  6. I love that they're bringing back the punch accented handbags! I think that they're going to be SUPER popular!
  7. The punch is pretty color. I couldn't wear it though....
  8. OMG they are in the website right now!!!!!!!!! I think I need moneyyyyyyyyyyy

    But now I am totally in love with this one:


  9. I agree... I like my older one, it's nice for just a couple things and tucks under my arm without giving me the wing effect.

    I do love the punch though... and I really love the strap! :love:
  10. Take a look of the wristlet:


    I really like this new collection. I always like Coach bags but this ones more for some reason. Is sad my birthday is until November!!!..... Hmmmm... but Mother's day is close.
  11. I know it's new, I was just saying its very similar to some of the older signature bas.
  12. omg! im in lust! i love pink and i love coach....so the two of them together :drool:
  13. Im am freakin' in love with these bags!! Im so going shopping this weekend!!!
  14. I'm w/ you Kimmie....they are :drool:

  15. Sooo.........are ya gonna get one?:graucho: