I can't wait for fall because....

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  1. I'm going to rock my Auburn Brynne Kooba bag!! :graucho:Can't wait. This bag is so rich and the color is so different!!
    It's been sitting peacefully in my closet since June! I'll post pics when I bust that baby out LOL!!!!
    I also plan to wear my Olive smooth leather Sienna which also has been hybernating LOL
    ps: HUGS to all my Kooba ladies :smile:
  2. Psstttt! Take that baby out for a spin, just the library or to get an ice cream cone. That Kooba leather needs to breath. *S
  3. That auburn Brynne is a beauty. I've got one of those. Such a rich, mahogany ... just like auburn hair, which mine used to be before the passage of time ... sigh ...
  4. I just have to ask... how in the world can you handle letting those bags sit in the closet unused? Whenever I get a new bag, I take it out with me on the same day! I absolutely LOVE taking out a new bag for the first time... it's so... special! (and I'm a nut, I know!) :weird:
  5. Lovekoobabags, you need to bust that auburn Brynne out of your closet and take some pics for us immediately. We can't wait, even if you can!
  6. I resemble that remark. My auburn Brynne has been sitting in the closet too, unused since I bought her. Now, that's a travesty. I'll rectify that this Fall.
  7. show us your Koobas already, lkb!! LOL!! How can you keep an olive sienna in hiding especially!

    Cheers and hugs.
  8. The Auburn Brynne - is the same color as the Toffee??
  9. I would love to see it.
  10. LOL...i know, i know...last weekend I took out every bag I owned and put them all over my bed. I'll post those pics soon..:p
  11. Me too!! My auburn Brynne is snuggled in her dust bag awaiting fall (as much of one as we have here, that is) as is my new chocolate suede Ginger from the NM sale.

    I can't wait!!

    jchiara: This color is nothing like the toffee. It's a gorgeous, rich auburn...a deep red/brown. I keep calling it a 'true auburn'. Just beautiful. I think you need a Brynne, girlie!! :graucho:
  12. Oh come on! You're such a tease! Take her out for a spin and snap some pics for us OK?

    I'd love to see it. I really like the auburn color.
  13. I hear you! The raisin girls have been waiting...and waiting..now they're getting nervous because we're beginning to hear the wild geese flying south. Always a sign that fall's coming.:tup:
  14. Haha - the only sign that I have that "fall is coming" is that they start setting up the pumpkin patches in the 90 degree heat! ;)
  15. Ladies, I broke out the Auburn Brynne - it is currently on my shoulder!!!
    Love it - so many compliments!!!!!