I cant view Dior.com?!?

  1. Hello every one... Is there's others who have the same problem as mine? cause I cannot open dior.com!!:crybaby: i

    its says : ERROR : CANT FIND XML FILE

    what should I do??
  2. it works fine for me.
    which browser do you use?
  3. hmm it doesnt work on my explorer but does on my mozilla...could you try that?
  4. for me it works but often i can't enter the online shop. try firefox. ;)
  5. try typing www.dior.com instead of just dior.com
    weird i know, but i'm using mozilla/firefox and when i just type dior.com it gives me the error:can't find xml file but when i add a www.dior.com, it works like a charm.


  6. :yahoo: :yahoo: thanks so so much! zerodross!! Cant belive it, I useually did this all the time but why not dior??? hahaha. And another thing! I've got a little surprise for you zerodross!:rolleyes: remember last time that you've help me finding and answer my questions about the red used gaucho and then I just changed my mind to LV Baggy Gm.... but guess what...:p I just did it , I bought the red gaucho tote from Diabro.net!!:yahoo: and it properly will arrive by next Monday:greengrin: :greengrin:
  7. I reported this to the webadmin months ago and he sent back a response telling me I was going to the wrong url.

    Some admins apparently don't understand the concept of the forwarder...
  8. :dothewave:
    congrats! that's brilliant, and of course, don't forget to post up pictures when the bag arrives - which i reckon would be pretty quick. can't recommend diabro enough!