I can't type...and my fingers hurt :(

  1. So, the gf, son and his little date were coming back from Spiderman 3..driving along as this SUV goes speeding by. Be careful dood! Anyhow, we turn left onto a divided parkway and about 200 ft up, I see a car in the median. Sure enough, it was the SUV. I thought it was just some idiot who lost control and was feeling like an ass, but I'll get out and check anyway. Yeah, not so much. A bit worse that I thought. The roads were wet due to the sprinklers, and he slid into a tree, and the way he hit, it caused the whole left side of the dash to cave directly into him. He was unconscious, pinned in. None of the doors would open as they were locked and the battery had exploded. Luckily a Dr was driving by, so I asked what he needed me to do. He wanted a window busted so he could climb through, so a guy with a jack in hand started on the passenger side as to not get glass all over the guy. Wasn't happening. I took a shot. I was pounding the $hit out of the window, and it wasn't shattering. Finally I moved back to the back window. Given how hard the first window was, I swung hard on this one. It shattered instantly, but given the force, my hands went through the window too. I knew I cut myself, but we got the window open. I took my shirt off and laid it over the edge so the doc could climb through. He began to jump through, but the water from the sprinklers caused him to slip and he sliced his arm too. He couldn't get a good grip and the window was too high, so he couldn't get in. I tried to use the jack to slip into a door crack and jack it open, but the guy helping...well,he wasn't helping. We're 15 minutes into this and I was getting frustrated. At this point, we really haven't done a damn thing to help this guy. The doc said he had a faint pulse. I finally hear a siren and see the ambulance. I back off to let them do their job. After a couple of minutes I look down and I have blood all over me. both hands are bloody, and one finger in particular looks kind of bad. I walk over to the doc and he looks at it, then tells me I really need to get some stitches cause it looked pretty bad. I asked a bystander for water, so I clean up as much as I can, then wrap my fingers in a paper towel secured by a buzz lightyear band aid. I wait around for the paramedics to finish, but it's taking them a while. It's been 25 minutes at least. Just then the doc muttered "it's taking them way too long to get him out." They're using the jaws to pry off doors and b pillars and cross members. I'm thinking...all these safety features, and this happens. He just hit that tree in the worst possible way. Kara and the kids are still in the car looking back, so I go to them to relay the situation. I put on another shirt, and get in....still bleeding...still feeling useless. I couldn't stay for some reason. Maybe I didn't want to see that he didn't make it, feeling like I could have done something else and it would have helped. That would be twice I've felt that way. So, I left. We dropped off Tristan's date, then drove home and bandaged up my fingers as Kara was yelling at me for not going to the ER. So here I am...fingers throbbing, retyping almost every word cause i'm missing keys and fumbling around...wondering.

    I hope my finger doesn't fall off.
  2. That was so nice of you Charles, to be a Good Samaritan...I hope your fingers feel better soon. You should have gone to ER though!
  3. Aw Charles, you're a great guy! Not many people would do what you did:yes: I think you should go to the Dr. today though. You don't want to get an infection & you should get checked for broken bones.
  4. Wow, that was really nice of you! Not many people would help in that way. They'd just probably call 911 and bolt! Your such a good samaritan there needs to be more people like yourself. I am so sorry about your finger that suxs but you should seriously go see a doctor. Although, once I cut my finger with a piece of glass I got scared and paniced and immediately took myself to the emergency room. All I got was about 4 hours wait time some hydrogen peroxide and a band aid and I paid about 400 bucks if I would have known it was nothing and I was going to pay 400 for a band aid I would have done it at home, LOL!
  5. God bless you :biggrin:
  6. Bless you for trying to help the poor man, I hope that he is okay. You did the right and good thing by helping.

    Please get your finger looked at!
  7. Thank you for trying to help. I always stop and help too. You should have gone to the ER, though...please take care of yourself.
  8. Charles you've gone above and beyond what a lot of people would have done. I wish more people were less selfish and more thoughtful like you.

    Now, go and take yourself to a doctor and get your hands looked at.
  9. hey Charles, awww what a nice guy of you to help... that's great! you did what you could you know? and sometimes our good intentions and efforts can't effect the outcome the way we like it to.... *hugs hugs hugs*

    I hope you got the stitches you needed and PLEASE don't be the typical guy and refuse to do to the doc until you see worms crawling out of your finger ok?? GO see the doc if it's bleeding, hurting etc!!

    I hope your finger and cuts heal soon and you can start typing lots again... so you can amuse the rest of us... HEHEHEHEHEH
  10. Gosh, drivers in Actionville are so crazy. I am from there. I really hope this guy made it. People are not nearly careful enough considering they take their own lives and the lives of others into their hands every time they drive.

    I hope your hand is ok.
  11. It was very sweet of you to help, not everyone would do what you did! However, your health and safety is just as important as the person you helped. You need to go to the doctor!! Do you have insurance?
  12. Awww bless ya Charles. I do think you should've have done what the doc told you to do. So serves yourself right :p you know where sympathy is in the dictionary ;) .
  13. Really cool of you, Charles, to have the compassion to stop and try to help.
  14. Good for you, Charles, for helping that guy!

    {Now get your ass over to the doctor to have it looked at. We want your finger to heal and we want you posting more!}
  15. Wow, what a crazy story! That's great that you tried to help. We can all hope the guy in there ended up okay. Now you...you should be at the hospital and not here! Hurry and go already!:noggin: