I cant tell if this is the Big Baca or the Small Baca, does anyone know?

  1. Additionally what do you think of this bags style and color?

    dkbrownbacamain.JPG dkbrownbacaside1.JPG dkbrownbacatop.JPG dkbrownbacainside.JPG
  2. It's the big baca. You can tell because the straps are "doubled". In the regular baca, there's only one layer, if that makes any sense. Anyway, I have 2 bacas which I absolutely adore, but I have the regular size. I've read that the big baca is sometimes a little hard to carry on the shoulder, but I can carry my regular size easily. The color's not bad...but I like my dark wine and dark navy blue better! Hope that helps.
  3. Definitely the Big Baca - it actually looks like the one that I have (vintage brown), except mine has the plain lining and not the signature print. The Big Baca's straps are doubled up like this - the regular size Baca only has a single layer shoulder strap. I have both the regular size & the large, and I find that the drop of the bag when carrying it on your shoulder is shorter on the Big Baca - I also don't like the way the Big Baca sits on the shoulder - because of the doubled straps, it's a little bulkier. The regular size Baca is a much better shoulder bag. If you plan to carry it on the crook of your arm, however, the Big Baca is great. It's not THAT much larger than the regular sized one - just more Baca to love!!

    BTW - here's a couple of pics of the Big Baca when carried:
    DCFN0010.JPG DCFN0012.JPG
  4. Thanks for the info on shoulder fit. I was surprised to read that the Big Baca feels like it has a shorter drop. Guess that will save me some $ too when I finally take the Baca plunge.
  5. i bought this bag recently and returned it(the big baca) i like slouchy but this was way too slouchy for me and too heavy.
  6. You really thought it was heavy? My regular baca seems as light as a feather!
  7. The Big Baca looks messy to me compared to the medium one. I think it is like too much of a good thing, ya know? I love my regular Baca.
    I also adore my Solba. It's a very very nice small to medium sized bag and sooo cute. I'm glad I found mine on eBay. They are getting a little scarce.