I can't take the WAIT

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  1. My boyfriend && mom are buying me a LV for Christmas. But because I got accepted to Psi Chi (National Honor Society for Psychology Majors) My mom let me get it early. So I ordered it on the 24th && I got an e-mail that said it would be here WEDNESDAY. I can't take it anymore. I don't want to sleep.

    I have Part I of my Behavioral Statistics Final Wednesday && I'm afraid I won't be able to focus because I'll know that my purse will be at my house when I get home from school.

    This is my first Louis Vuitton && I'm so Happy. I don't know anyone else who has one && I feel special. I bought a 2006 Grand Prix about a week ago && the first words out of my boyfriends mouth were.."you'll look so good getting out of your new car with your Louis Vuitton"

    ANYWAY I digress...but I can't calm down. I can't wait to post pictures && oh my goodness. I think I have to go smoke......AHHH

  2. LOL...awww the rush. Isn't it such a crazy feeling. Well congratulations and can't wait to see pics...btw which one did you get.
  3. Congrats on your acheivement. (Is it i before e in that word? lol). And so happy for your new LV purse. I don't think you told us what you ordered, unless I read it in your above message.

    And congrats on your new car, what color is your Grand Prix, I love Grand Prix, my brother had a few, but now has a different car.
  4. Oh my GOODNESS..I'm so sorry I forgot to say what kind. I can't even think.... Mini lin Speedy
  5. Congrats on your academic accomplishment and your LV bag.:party:
  6. :graucho: NICE!!!
  7. My title says it Red 87 but I'd swear it's maroon

  8. I love the Mini Lin Speedy. That's a great choice! I hope it comes on Tuesday ;)
  9. Nice new car! So happy for you :yahoo:
    New Car, Excellent acheivement, and a New LV all in this week. :wlae:
    You deserve it!
  10. Congrats! Nothing like your first!
  11. If it comes on Tuesday I'll never study....oh goodness...:wtf:
  12. Oh no lol, I was hoping it would come early, so it would give you more time to study! :yes:
  13. you ARE going to look so great getting out of your new car with your new lv! wooohooo! congrats!
  14. Yes, your car looks maroon :yes: . Sooo exciting! Your very first LV! Get ready for a long ride of your life, it never stops...
  15. Hot car and a hot bag for a hot lady!