I can't take the wait!!

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  1. My new Azur Speedy 30 from elux is waiting for me at home! It got delivered today and I'm at work...I can't take it!

    I just ordered a dainty gold pineapple purse charm to clip onto it and a bronze colored skull charm too (for my neverfull), surfing the net, daydreaming at work. Bad!!
  2. OooH! Nice :smile: Post pics when you get them! :biggrin:
  3. ah waiting is the worst! but congrats! post pics!
  4. I hate the waiting game! At least you have something awesome to come home to though!
  5. It will be worth the wait!!
  6. Congrats on the great bag! I know how you feel. Could you sneak away on your lunch break?
  7. I wish, I work in NYC, live in NJ...:tdown:
  8. Congrats! You`re gonna love it.
  9. Oh I know how you feel, been there a few times, it'll be worth the wait:jammin:
  10. oooh, i hate it when that happens! today will feel like it's going by so slow!
  11. I hate waiting! Congrats!!
  12. I hate when that happens! the best is if it happens to get delivered on your day off even though you thought it would still be a day or two. I cant function the rest of the day when stuff gets delivered when I'm at work. leave for lunch or take off early :tup:
  13. It totally sucks to wait, but it will be so worth it when you unwrap the box!
  14. Can't wait to see the pics....ooohhh I LOVE new LV!!!!
  15. Ugh I hate that too. My lunchbreak isn't long enough for me to even get home and spend anytime there. I live 45 minutes from my work. That is why I try to get things delivered to my office. If they can.