I Can't take my eyes off Violet SGH!!!

  1. all of you look so wonderful with your Violets (esp the Work) and the leather is TDF...but I just don't see myself carrying a purple purse! Am I the only one who feels this way or am I just boring sticking to black?:confused1:
  2. :nuts: Oh nooo, you want to be different.
    I`m sure the violet would look good on you too.

    If you are able to go to a store to try it out.
    You will love it.;)
  3. i wasnt terribly adventurous with my bags either - mostly browns and blacks even with b-bags. until i recently a splash of colour by way of a dusty pink bv. I'm surprised at how much I enjoy carrying a coloured bag. It adds a nice dash of colour and I havent switched bags in 2 weeks ! So I say go ahead and get the violet - I love it too, it's so fun and somewhat quirky.
  4. I really want violet, but I'm holding out until after I have my first black BBag lol
    :smile: As long as it's a bbag it shouldn't matter :p lol
  5. cracker, I'm like you. I just don't see it for myself. Greens and blues, blacks and browns/neutrals for me - that's it. Although forums like this start making you consider things you wouldn't normally. But knowing that it's not my natural inclination tells me I'd just end up returning it.
  6. i've been carrying my violet ever since i got her last friday. i love it!!! and i think it is very cool to be carrying something so diffferent looking. plus when fall arrives it'll fit right in with the black and brown coats.