I can't take it anymore!

  1. I need something from the Groom line! I know I promised NOT to buy anything until the mirrors are out but I've been seeing so many cute pics of the Rond and Cles that I decided that ban schman, Groom here I come!

    Please advise which would be better and more practical to get:

    Rond - I want this because it's so darn cute! But I don't know if it's as practical as a Cles. :Push:

    Cles - Practical but I don't find it as cute as the Rond... :sweatdrop:

    Compact Zippe - I wanna get this but it's blue on the inside and clashes with my Fengshui... I know sounds silly but I'm supposed to carry more shades of red or pink for better luck and aura. :sweatdrop:

    Thanks everyone~
  2. im with you!! im supposed to be on a ban too but i cant. i really thought i wouldnt like them.. im debtain between the rond and the cles.. i like both too.. ahhh sooo hard to choose
  3. Get the Cles...I know it's not as cute as Rond but still cute:P more practical and cheaper. As for the wallet if it clashes with your Fengshui don't get it...how about the Pochette Wallet..it's nice and red inside:graucho:
  4. I like the round, can't help on practicality though as I don't have one but it's soooo cute.
    At first I didn't like this line and thought I would not buy anything but now after seeing all those pics on PF the store is holding a red agenda for me.:Push:
  5. I'm in the same boat as you, it's killing me - I neeeed something !!!

    (I'm getting the rond I think, let's both get one ! :graucho:)
  6. Boo! Me too! I like the Rond and the Cles but I have to still restrain and not overspend. :crybaby:

    Lee69, I know!:drool: But I kinda like the Compact Zippe more and it sux they dun have that in red. :sad:

    Slayer, remember to post pics of your agenda! :nuts:

    Ayla, heee! Let's! :graucho:
  7. Yep!! I'm supposed to be on a ban too, but after seeing the Groom line from everyone's purchases, I want one!!! ARggGGG!!!!! I like the Compact Wallet and the Cles, AND the keychains!! but I think I'm only going to try for the Wallet....:sweatdrop:
  8. You sound like my aunt with the fengshui thing :yes:

    It sounds like that you already have the answer...go for the rond because you like it and the orange shade will give you 'better luck and aura' ;)

    good luck!
  9. Get a red agenda!!! It's less than the pochette wallet and definately the cles because the ronde is cute and all but the shape makes it hard to put in much of anything!
  10. The Rond is much bigger than I imagined it would be, & the shape makes it kind of useless for anything other than change or keys, if that helps. The Cles is much more useful & the blue on the CZ is a warm blue not like the Myrtille at all. I was suprised by it & wound up likeing the color even though I usually only like yellows, oranges & warm reds. Take a look before you write anything off.
  11. It's killing me too. LV called me yesterday to let me know that my heat stamp tag is in and I started to ask if the groom line was in, I had to stop myself because I am on a purse ban big time. I can't get the cles out of my head, it is so darn cute. I am thinking of a way to get around my purse ban and the deal that I made with my husband when I got my last LV. I hinted around this morning and it doesn't seem he is going to let up.
    Are cles really that great or am I getting caught up in the groom line? I need therapy!!
  12. OMG...We are all at the same boat. I got a phone call on Monday from SA to check out Groom but I have to restrain myself. I am afraid if I go, I will end up with something. I am trying to save up for something instead of keep buying accessories etc..
  13. taco, do they make the Compact Zippe in any other colors apart from blue?

    floridalv, YES! The Cles is great! I'm loving my Cleses and my current fave Cles is my Cerise Cles. It's so handy for kepping change/CCs and keys! I'm breaking my 4th ban already.... *Sob*
  14. I was afraid you were going to say that.
  15. It's killing me too!!! :crybaby: I had to help my family with some money and now I can't get the cles but I keep thinking I could put it on my NM card but I'm trying to be good and not do that but I want it so bad!!!!! :hysteric: