I cant take it anymore....I am falling for Balenciaga!!

  1. AGR!! I am falling for Balenciaga!! I LOVE the bags!!! My Aunt got me started......she has alot of B-bags! (I told her that she needed to join the PF....she didnt listen.....) Do you have any suggestions on a clutch/ change purse/ wallet for me??


    Zoe ;)
  2. I have a Rouge Vif Money wallet which I absolutely LOVE! :love: What exactly are you looking for?
    Hmmm...NoVA, huh? I wonder if we're neighbors...:hrmm: ;)

    Welcome to Bbags - the new crack!
  3. Love your wallet....I am really short and young, so I was looking for a mini twiggy or a small bag..if not, then a little makeup pouch... do you guys have any good suggestions for a makeup bag?
  4. lol, it's no use fighting the fever girl, i can tell it's already too late!!! :sweatdrop::wlae::boxing:...i would recommend the shoulder, oval clutch or the money!!!
  5. can you guys tell me about these coin purse I saw in the "Documenting Accecories" thread.......how much are they?
  6. *Sigh*... I hear you my dear... ;)

    I received my first bbag a few weeks ago ( but couldn't use it because of the bitter cold)... now I have my first city on its way here - and I am totally psyched!! I can't wait until it gets here, because I know its going to be my favorite...

    It's totally addictve... a week or two ago... I had a normal signature... NOW look at it!! I'm hoping it will even out after my intial craziness goes away... For my wallet's sake...

    So hard to choose what's next!!! (A twiggy I believe...)

    ~Oh!! Just wanted to add that I took my first bbag ( a first!) out for a spin today!!! Its finally not so cold I'm worried about taking it out!
  7. Welcome to the dark side!! :devil:
  8. Welcome.:welcome:
    I have the Mini Coin Purse in Pale Pink. This thing is so cute.:p
  9. Here is a pic of my Coin Purse in INK in my hand to give you an idea of size

  10. how much do these retail for?
  11. OMG...you are going to be so hooked! I bought my first Balenciaga 8 moths ago and by the looks of my signature I have gone over the line a little. My husband would freak!:wtf: Good Luck finding exactly what you want because you will want more and more! WELCOME!
  12. have any other reccomendations w/ pics and prices?
  13. If you look at ateliernaff.com you can look at all the styles and they have the measurments and prices listed as well. I guess it depends on how much you normally carry. If you just want to try something small to see if you like it I'd go with a clutch, shoulder or first.
  14. I think a shoulder would be cute.. they retail for $695. Keep in mind the light colors are a little tricky to care for though, so for a first bag i recommend a dark color!