I can't switch out of my Hamilton

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  1. I have my bags on a one week rotation schedule and I was supposed to switch out of my Hamilton yesterday and into one of my Coach bags but I'm not ready. I love my Hamilton!! I've had it since July, and only started using it this week (it's black and I was waiting for Fall).

    I guess I'll have to throw off my rotation schedule and keep using it. :biggrin:

    It's such a classy, pretty and functional bag! I love it!!
  2. I'm so interested in the Hamilton! Glad to know that it's a bag that's hard to switch out of! Enjoy!
  3. Hamilton is such a beautiful bag!!! I love my baby one =p
  4. I just received mine two days ago in the mail. I got the medium size one but it was a lot smaller then I anticipated. It is a classy bag for sure, but I don't know if I am in "love" yet.
  5. SEE???~!!~!!! I TOLD YOU this would happen when you found the ONE!!!! I am SO happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  6. I bought a large vanilla hamilton on ebay. It's going to be a looooooong wait!
  7. ^^ that is most likely going to be MY spring 2011 bag, too!!!!
  8. If you're digging it, keep using it! :coolio:
  9. Yeah, I thought about you when I couldn't switch out!!

    It's funny - I was at the hair salon getting my hair done yesterday and was at the back getting the highlights done. There was a shelf there where all the customers put their bags, and my Hamilton looked so freaking amazing compared to all the other bags sitting up there with the MK lock and chain just glistening, I was so damn proud of her. :biggrin:
  10. AWESOME!!!!! You should have taken a pic on your cellphone for us to see!!!!! LOL I honestly think I am going to buy the Hamilton in vanilla for spring/summer 2011......I LOVE the look of it!!!!!
  11. and PS: I STILL cant switch out of my baby....and today it is THREE MONTHS OLD!!!!! Happy Bday to my Michael Kors Lily Tote!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  12. I love the Hamilton- it's one of bags I'm considering next along with the Lily tote. I carry bigger bags right now because I carry an agenda and an umbrella in my totes. So I'm worried about the size being big enough.

    What do you love about the Hamilton?
  13. I have the Lily tote and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag (see my avatar)....I have it in sand python. I cant say enough about this bag. My DH bought it for me 3 mos ago TODAY and I have used it EVERYDAY except for one day (I switched to my new MK luggage color braided grommet hobo and quickly switched back b/c I found myself "missing" Lily!!!!) This bag holds alot of stuff (I have the medium size) and it's extremely comfortable....even on all day shopping tours it doesnt bother me or slip off my shoulder! GREAT bag! I am considering the Hamilton in vanilla for my spring 2011 bag.....MK makes a nice vanilla!!!! What color Lily are you looking at?
  14. I have fallen in love with the Vanilla Lily. It's so gorgeous!!
  15. First of all, I think you may need the large Hamilton. I have the medium size, and it's great to carry your large wallet, cosmetic bag, phone, wristlet, etc, but if you need to carry larger items - such as an umbrella - I think you would need the large. If you check out the celebrities thread it shows a lot of models carrying the large size. WAY too big for me, I found it has a bit more of a "briefcase" look as opposed to a "handbag" look, but that may be exactly what you need.

    Now to what I love about my Hamilton. . . .

    I've never been a fan of satchels because I've always found them to be very "little old lady" looking. However, Michael Kors has taken this classic shape and given it "rocker chic" details with the large silver chain and lock - this is definetely not your grandmother's satchel.

    I also love that you can carry it as a satchel or as a shoulder bag. Coach tried this with the Sabrina, but it failed miserably. With the Sabrina, using the shoulder strap completely changed the shape of the bag and it did not work at all. With the Hamilton, the strap works perfectly and looks gorgeous when worn as a shoulder bag.

    As well, I love the way the shoulder strap drops underneath the bag when you are using it as a satchel. Many times with shoulder straps on satchels they just seem to be an poorly thought out afterthough. Again, the new Coach Sophia comes to mind. The shoulder strap falls half way down the bag which looks kind of dumb. With the Hamilton the shoulder strap falls beautifully under the bag with the silver chain hanging to the sides and is stunning. Well done Michael Kors - you've taken the boring granny satchel and turned it into a stunning modern bag that is still functional and classy.

    Well, it's time for my favorite TV show - Dexter - so I gotta go!!