I can't stretch this, can I?

  1. So after months of stalking eBay for my last HG shoe (I had 2 and got 1!) I found it:nuts: but in a full size too small:sad: I know this is probably just not possible, but does anyone know if this can be stretched?? I know good cobblers can work magic, but I'm just concerned with the lace overlay... I'm so :crybaby:... I love this shoe but need a 38.5. Also if anyone see this anywhere else could they let me know!?

    This pic Courtesy of eBay
    HG lace shoe.JPG
  2. Oooh I'm watching this shoe too!

    I have the very prive style in a 4 and it's pretty much true to size I found (even a little snug) so am watching the 4.5 as I think these might be perfect and I'm a 4. I don't think it would stretch one full size? I've asked for measurements so waiting on the seller getting back to me and i'll let you know too :smile:
  3. What a pretty shoe! I too first thought "ohh what about the lace?"...I'd take it to a cobbler to ask. My non-expert thinking is maybe 1/2 a size is possible, but a full size up...not so sure :s
  4. I don't think you can stretch them.

    That said when I try on the Prives and Yoyos I take 1/2 size smaller than my TTS (I am size 8 US and a 7.5 in these shoes). In fact I take a 39 in the Decollete, 38.5 in patent simples, and 37.5 in the 85mm yoyo.

    When you say your size is an 8.5, which shoe are you talking about?
  5. my cl size is 8.5. I'm usually an 8 but I have the magenta kid simple, nude patent yoyos, black kid declic, black kid red tip VPs all in 38.5 and the blue suede rolandos in 39. I'm pretty sure my main CL size is 38.5 but these lovelies are 7.5... I just wish I could find them in my size but ive been looking for these forever and these are the ones that come closest...
  6. It depends on where you would need them stretched. Length would be harder than if you needed them wider. I would say a half size yes, but a full size - no.