I can't stop!

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  1. It all started with just wanting a mini square chanel that i saw online. then i wanted a rectangle one too but with a different hardware color to match all my jewelries. That suppose to be it. i wasn't big on designer bags.
    After a visit to the chanel store, i wanted a medium black caviar ghw also. I was very specific of what i wanted. While planing on my budget and looking up stuff online, i saw AND bought a black chevron patent shw (and yes, i do still want the black caviar quilted ghw to add to my collection eventually), after that i saw a beige AND then a beige chevron patent. AND I WANT THEM ALL!!!! the list seems to never stop. I can't stop!
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  2. This is happening to me too.... The pain is real! :facepalm:
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  3. Ah yes the slippery slope of Chanel!
    Welcome! :biggrin:
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  4. I feel your pain! I suffer from the same disease! :smile:
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  5. Oh the struggle is real!!!! I bought 3 bags this year already and put myself on ban island but I'm soooo tempted!!
  6. Me too! I just can´t get enough either.
  7. Amen sisters!!! I'm the same. So far this year I've sold off almost all my other designer bags and bought 2 Chanel bags (a m/l and a square mini and 5 SLGs). the struggle is real cause I want more more more lol
  8. Agree! :hugs: One bag leads to more bags then you realize you need the same bag with different hardware! :angel:
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  9. This is a real problem. I bought 5 chanels in the last year and my list was so ridiculous. At one point I think I had 13 on there- some rare and hard to find. After I finally tracked down my vintage vertical jumbo in lambskin I have paused on chanel and am allowing myself to enjoy what I have. I will be traveling to London end of September and hope to get a square mini, something blue, or something in chevron (woc or mini)
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  10. It's a slippery slope, I now have over 80 Chanel bags and clutches. Hard to let go. I only sold 2. I should be selling more to downsize. Yes I am a bagaholic.
  11. +, very guilty here
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  12. It is a struggle for sure! :nuts: What makes matters worse sometimes is when the combination I want is finally available. Then, I go into a panic...Do I buy it now? If I don't, it may take years for it to be back or never...ugh! Should I take the plunge? What if something better will come up? Omg! Then, if I ever talk myself out of it, I do it by buying an slg or 2... ahhh! Justification - It's not like I'm buying a bag, nope totally different! :-s It's crazy!
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  13. I get you:sad: it's evil. I got my medium flap last year, realised it is too compact, strap too short for crossbody. Went on to a rect mini which i had a hard time hunting down. Then the vanity case, which i had to go through a horrid experience to get it. Now i am eyeing the trendy cc bowling bag ☹️
  14. Well, all I can say is that you are not alone! I like them all... classics, Boys, Seasonal's, etc. etc. etc...
    What I try to do when I find a Chanel that I feel I just can't live without is to give it some time from love to purchase. Perhaps my love is, in fact, lust. And lust can be a very bad thing. With the way prices are now, I have to either sell other things that are gathering dust, or save up to pay it off in one go on my credit card. A lot of times, that stops me in my tracks. hahaha
    Good luck with your new addiction! At least you've come to the right place for help. Hope That Helps!
  15. It's actually a very nice 'problem' to have! :graucho: Much of my life I only dreamed of owning Chanel and couldn't possibly afford or justify them, but times have changed and I feel extremely grateful I can now carry Chanel :yes: