I can't stop!

  1. So I just purchased my fifth cerises piece on Ebay from let-trade just now. I can't seem to stop! :shame: I have almost ALL of the accessories. The only one's I am missing now are the agenda and the scarves. I'll move on to the bags after I get the accessories. Here is what I have now:

    cerises cles
    cerises porte monnaie rond
    cerises compact zip wallet
    cerises pochette accessories
    cerises porte monnaie long zip wallet (what I just bought)
  2. Go go allison! Can't wait to see a pic!
  3. Lucky, lucky you!!
  4. Put the mouse...DOWN! :shocked:
    Step away...from the computer! :shocked:

    Hheheheh jk :P I'm the last one to talk about self-control and buying online!!! :roflmfao:
  5. my mouse is my new accountant :P
  6. I have one as well (the long cerises zip wallet) and I LOVE it! I use it as a clutch sometimes and can fit my razor cell as well! Enjoy!
  7. Congrats! Go for all, Allison! I love the Cerises line - so pretty!! :love:
  8. You're on fire girl!!!
  9. Maybe the Cerise is your "signature" item?
  10. How come you never purchased when it was availible in store?!?!!?
  11. Woooo Hoooo!
  12. Allison ~ That's Fabulous....You Are Our "Queen Of Cerises"

    What A Collection!!! Enjoy!
  13. Lucky lady! That is what I want to do, I know I am going to pay a pretty price for them when I can finally get them though. But it will be worth it.
  14. :yes:
    go allison - you deserve it!!! congrats on your growing cerises collection! cant wait to see pics of all of them together! :amuse:
  15. :love::love:ohh now you need the bucket and speedy and you'll be complete :smile: you and cherise UNITED AS ONE:love::love: