I can't stop thinking about POCHETTES!!!


What's you favorite pochette accessoires???

  1. Monogram

  2. Multicolore

  3. Cherry Blossom

  4. Panda

  5. Cerises

  6. Perforated

  7. Other

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  1. I'm currently obsessing over pochettes...they're so sweet, practical and CUTE!!!


    What's your favorite???

    My fav is the fuschia perfo pochette...(I'm waiting for one in the mail...very impatiently lol:upsidedown: ) followed by the cherry blossom.

    I think I may have to start a collection of them soon...lol I think I just heard my bank account cry out in anguish...

    :tender: :girlsigh: :tender:

    Edit: I forgot to add grafitti in there!!! Silly me!!! Please vote 'other' for it!!!
  2. I like mono. It's just so classic. I love the way the canvas looks on it as well.
  3. That's a tough one... I'ma have to say Red/Creme CB Pochette? :biggrin:
  4. Not really a pochette fan but I've voted for Panda! Can't wait to see your fuschia Perfo though:graucho:
  5. CB and Panda is the cutest one for me :P
  6. I really love vernis Lexington in hot pink or framboise..(you need to add in your list eheh)
  7. the panda is adorable! :love:
  8. i voted for Multicolour - just because i just got one!!! LOL!!! but i do reckon that the monogram is such a classic and A must have in any LV collection!!! YEAH, u should SO start up a pochette collection - it will look awesome!!!
  9. I voted for Cherryblossom, because I think it looks fabulous in the Red/Creme color combination!
    all colors :shame:
  11. Cerises...:love:
  12. i love pochettes too. im slowly starting to collect them.
  13. I love the pochette too - it was my first LV that I treated myself to near the end of medical school! I like the monogram canvas - it's so timeless, but I'm hoping to get one in the gorgeous Epi leather :smile:
  14. I adore pochettes, but ever since tPF - I find that I've really grown out of smaller bags. I still want a cherry blossom one in pink/pink, they're adorable ! And the charms one are so cute as well.

  15. I know exactly what you mean! I've been starting to use my pochettes as accessories bags, inside my bigger bags. I use them to hold my money, id, etc, and then stuff them into my totes