I can't stop looking at this bag...

  1. I LOVE THAT BAG! I couldn't do pony hair though - plus I would have that bag filthy in about 5 seconds flat lol.
  2. Reminds me of cotton candy.. yummy!
  3. I love that bag! its gorgeous!
  4. Lovely shade of pink.
  5. Meeee toooooo Winona! Get it!!
  6. Wow it is pretty!
  7. It's so cute!
  8. Me too! But couldn't do the pony hair thing.
  9. Have heard too many stories about the pony styles losing their hair...
  10. It always baffles me how I can eat a rare steak, caress leathers, but the slightest touch of fur, or cow hair freaks me out?
    Also snake.
    I don't mind bits of snake, but something like a python silverado would gross me right out.