I Can't Stand the LV Service at Holt's

  1. I can't stand the SAs at Holt's on Bloor in Toronto. I have visited there like 5 times and the SAs act like as if they are doing you a huge favor by showing you the bags.

    I was at a conference on Bloor street last night and stopped by the LV on Bloor 15 minutes before it closed. This is not the LV in Holt's but the flagship store on the other side of Bloor. The service there is always good. Anyway, I checked out the new Zippy Coin Purse and fell in love with it. I almost got it but then decided to wait as I could get it with another Zippy Coin Purse as a gift for my sis, plus a Pochette Bosphore for myself.

    So here is the story, I called the Holt's on Bloor this afternoon and a man picked-up the phone:

    Me: Hi, I would like to know if tonight is PSN?
    SA: Yes
    Me: Can you tell me how much I need to spend in order to qualify for the gift card?
    SA: $750 for $50 and the list goes on
    Me: Will I be able to place an order over the phone and pick up my order tomorrow afternoon?
    SA: Yes
    Me: Do you have the Zippy Coin Purse? I was going to tell him I needed 2 plus a Pochette Bosphore but he cut me off before I had a chance to continue...
    SA: With a rude voice....You do not qualify for a gift card with this purchase
    Me: I would like to purchase 2 of them. Before I get to say that I need a Pochette Bosphore as well, he cut me off again
    SA: With attitude..... Well, these two coin purse will be less than $400, you do not qualify. I was pissed at this point as said....
    Me: The Zippy Coin Purse is $275 each
    SA: No, they are less than $200 each
    Me: No, I saw it last night at the Bloor Street Store
    SA: Silence......Let me check my system. I don't have any in stock.
    Me: Thank you.

    BTW, my hubby got me a Vernis bag in July. He picked it up from the Holt's in Yorkdale and it had a small crack near the handle. I took it to the Holt's on Bloor for an exchange as it is closer to my work place. The SA there gave me a dirty look.

    I will never shop there again. My favourate LV store is still the one in Calgary. The service is excellent and I plan of making all my future purchases from there since I go there for business every quarter.

    Thanks for listening.
  2. i've never liked the LV at Holt Renfrew; they're not very helpful and they pretty much ignore me until i actually approach them to ask them something, and even then they look like they'd much rather be people-watching. i always try to buy from the boutique on Bloor if i can
  3. aww, I'm sorry to hear that! There seem to be a lot of complaints about them....
  4. That is just totally RUDE!!:cursing:All those SA(s) need to be sent to a major *customer service* class:tdown:Sometimes, I prefer to go to the sublease LV, i.e. Saks or Blommingdale..the SA there are SUPER nice:smile:
  5. Don't get me started.....! I try to shop anywhere BUT any of the Toronto LV's if I possibly can.
  6. WOW how rude! Sounds like he's got a stick up his *&^%!
  7. yea...I agree with you. last time, I ask the SA to show me the CHAINE GRELOTS KEYHOLDER, she told me it was sold out. and then I walked out the store, found out there are two keyholders in the shopwindow, so....I can't buy the display one? or the SA just be lazy to get anything for me? sign....
  8. Sorry that happened to you. Take your bussines somewhere else where they will treat you the way you deserve.
    it's apperent that this guy was impolite and didn't care.
  9. Sorry you had been treated this way :heart:
  10. Thanks everyone. I was so looking forward to getting those 3 items today and now, I have lost the urge to get anything from LV until I go to Calgary.
  11. What an a-hole! I'm sorry you were treated this way. :tdown:

    I'd def. give the manager of that boutique a ring. :yes:
  12. They need serious training for sure. These SAs act like they own the store and have the right to be rude to anyone they don't feel like serving. If I was the boss, I would have fired this guy ASAP.

    I happen to manage a team of SAs who service high net worth clients and I always tell my SAs to treat every client with first class service, whether they have 1 million, 10 millions, or 100 millions invested with the firm.
  13. I think this SA was too lazy to check, or do not know what you were looking for.

    I don't have extensive knowledge on LVs but sometimes I feel that I know way more than many of the SAs.
  14. Hm... I actually prefer the Holt's LV in my city, because the service at my LV boutique is pretty bad. I went to the flagship on Bloor and didn't get helped either. Maybe it's the way I look?!?!?! I doubt it but they tend to ignore younger people, I've found, regardless of what I spend there. :shrugs:
  15. Thanks John. I don't think I'll have the energy to call the manager. My goal now is to tell all my friends to stop buying LVs from that Holt's. I will go as far as offering to buy LVs for my friends when I go to Calgary. The additional savings of 8% in provincial sales tax is not a bad thing too.